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04.04.2012 12:04 zsrg
It has been playing solo at the usual level of complexity. Reached the 26th level, all ten times run up on someone during the holidays. The rest of the experience - from the quests and killing enemies. It has been almost all tasks, except for two. But more about that in the passage, designed it yet, add links, etc. In addition to a list of all quests in the game, with a description of who gives, who receives and what it will get.
And while this data is my hero at the end of the game:
screen 1 , screen 2 , screen 3 , screen 4
02.04.2012 02:51 Unknown
Table game experience of the scripts:

exp_table = [
0, # 1
200, # 2
500, # 3
800, # 4
1400, # 5
2200, # 6
3500, # 7
6000, # 8
7700, # 9
10000, # 10
13000, # 11
17000, # 12
21000, # 13
25000, # 14
30000, # 15
35000, # 16
40000, # 17
45000, # 18
50000, # 19
55000, # 20
61000, # 21
68000 # 22
70000, # 23
79000, # 24
89 000, # 25
99000 # 26

Not very useful information ... but once asked, please))
02.04.2012 01:48 Guest
Now kill all the shuriken - is also needed special skill "to be able stralyat from the fact that in their hands, when you noticed the " do not reboot yet)
well, and often refuses to get your pers in the back of the enemy, until he sees, and when noticed - usually sight knock shots.
but with the treatment I have always a bad relationship, I do not like at all when the troops get damage, overweight should not be a millimeter, utterly - to fire on you did not have time to open, then I think that rukovozhu fighters more or less worthy.
so you need to use it, in my opinion, the advantage in the range of view (with the right hand crawl), the velocity (first shot) and range (juzat ranged weapons, so the enemy to you even without the firing came, when you start)

and if the topic - I wondered how the most profitable to collect and distribute team skill? Mathematics is not so simple, without thinking:
1) there is some experience with the expo and leveled, which recruited more slowly;
2) There are 14 skills that are ideally be filled by 99
Some of them (medic, engineer, the more the attacker and the thief) should be only one member of the team, but there are those who want everything - heavy weapons, missile, and later - stealth.
and as it was then rational to assemble a team, so that exp enough for all? alone up to level 10 like all fine, but then the dreary sway my opinion, everything is under-inflated, six of them - normally at lower levels, and then distributed to all little experience from quests ... how to be?

and there is somewhere a table for the required experience dostizhdeniya level? I did this in the CoA - and then did not remember them all numbers, so far not much climb ...
30.03.2012 08:52 Unknown
For me, without the skill of survival can not survive. How am I going to work, then take with giant pieces of meat to each soldier in a backpack to 150%. And it is my instantly kontsaetsya in the first small zavarushku. How would I have treated their wounded? Of course, I usually play in open battle, I have a lot of injuries all the time. If anyone secretly using shuriken kills enemies ... then and nobody should be treated.

On account of the fact that the enemies of umeraet mnozhesvo bullets - in the light, and probably with revolvers you can pass the whole game ... and it is very difficult for the regime and the need was so difficult. Incidentally, on my very hard fighters from each queue prismerti. Well, if you really want a particular realism, it is not a game ... I can advise Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis. Only a 3D simulation of combat deysvy first-person ... but I give a guarantee: there you can kill enemies with a single queue and he will die at every turn.

Voroysvo I am also very necessary in the beginning of the game. With the help of his crack and I pull a lot of items for exchange, grenades, bullets, medical supplies, food ... without this it is very difficult to start at the highest difficulty.

So, the blog theme ... All the team are irreplaceable!
30.03.2012 06:40 Guest
Well if so - it turns out, all swung skill allows you to enjoy the way your soldiers without loss of right and left render the enemy ...
Although it seemed to me that the light is cons ...
So I chose a missile just for the reason that the arithmetic is simple - hit the enemy = negative
here and included a little bit of realism, because soldiers are viewed as integral queues at each other, and then stand with "minor injuries " drives me sick ... in a real sense of fighting fire burst - hurt the opponent at least one bullet, which means that you have brought him out, he is safe at least until you come shock and heal the wounds ...
ability to peace - also in my opinion, are useless - the game is not possible to do a peaceful life, unfortunately ...
so I was not opposed to hunting animals with survival and swung to pass non-combat quests ...
theft - also does not bring results to your every spiritspringzu equipped soldiers is much richer than any band, so in this sense is not enough ... and even with the use map hacks from this site can only be performed demolition and only those boxes that are needed ...

What about mining places, where there will be an ambush on the Path of vultures - I did so in the CDA)
here mine still are unrealistic weapons, when 5 meters exploded, and the enemy firing with heavy wounds on you fucking with m-60 up, almost higher than that of the Topol-M ...
27.03.2012 07:14 zsrg
I say that not playing on Hard difficulty. I had just beat the game to write and pass the data on all the quests.
Hidden + mobility can very quickly make enemies.
When Kopperhill were cleaned, from the back of Shadows killed all but three of the last (general and two guards). If this was not a single shot with both my own, and by the enemy! :)
27.03.2012 01:57 Unknown
I am on the first gang of vultures Tropez Howard 'extortion ' destroy. A second band I was exploding Benson. Victor has just at this point for each enemy accumulated on the bomb. I pre-dominate all meta, which are the enemies of vryamya ambush, and then just blowing up under each of them vzrychatku. In the case of good luck three or four enemy killed at once, with serious injuries. It is easy even on the complexity of 'It is very difficult '! And I really don `t know how anyone ... but I have (in Russobit M 1.9) My soldiers are very much damage, even from pistols when they shot at close range, but with guns simply prestrelyat one queue. So I do not melee rolls. Of course, with stealth can pozamorachivatsya ... Well, perhaps one day later, and now with ognstrelom like to play.
27.03.2012 11:25 zsrg
I then decided to write a single passage of the game for a change. Since the passage of a command can be found in large numbers. So at the start, has circulated to the maximum melee. First, wielding an ax, and then rolled on the trail of vultures found - not even a shadow fall down with one blow. With the stealth can be pumped back and run up with a single blow to kill. Vulture on the trail, just ran away and then put all the sword. Werewolves at times killed plazmoblasterom, which lies broken in the turret on the trail of vultures.
True play is not at the advanced level. In general, the passage in detail soon lay out and bound to the Knowledge Base
27.03.2012 08:33 Unknown
... and yet, in my hands, and so good because of all the 'addictive ' to arms. The experience is so desired by the end of the game for the 'complete ' pumping fighters I take on the attackers during the holidays. And if metaleli shuriken would all fall off, then the experience will not get anyone but themselves (well of course, if the team and no one else). But I love the big shootout at times)))!

I will write more in the theme "What is zvataet in the game? "
27.03.2012 08:27 Unknown
Agnes, and so I drove right after New Seforda, she does not eat meat. I take Keno at Casa Verde, he was once a sniper rifle, and there are ... though without hedshotoa, but it's good. Many of the enemies just crouch and look around when they shmalyayut distance (especially at night). Rid of them a pack of ammo (a 7.62 mm NATO in the game Shadow tmuschaya) on an enemy and he is already prismerti ... then it will be able to finish any fighter ... one who is currently playing experience should be in your opinion. Soon more and Ivana PSG-1 in the same Casa Verde you can buy.
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