Refinement of the quest "escort "

a) General Lewis, after the quest about the police in spiritspringe tell about the convoy. After katostrofy - divided into military grupirovki: someone was a bandit, one mercenary, someone went to the TNG. About the convoy he only knew what he was hired Shadow. What or whom they were transporting it does not.

After a conversation with the General, the main character decides to investigate the matter and sent a second place.

Re-search icon allows the sheriff, which lies far away from the place of Advent.

Gen. Lewis knows this icon: he belonged to Major - the leader of the mercenaries, his old friend.

In a conversation comes up that body in Hammer are not - mercenaries armed with a completely different way, but there is no doubt that they are dead.

b) General requests to find the killers, find and punish.

searches can be drawn out: but again we will rescue the reporter, which we find already Vesseltaune. He talks about a drunk in the village of Bowie, who boasted that he killed the coolest naemnnika - Major.

Find this man in Bowie is not difficult - difficult for him to talk. To talk it over real brandy (the cost of at least 200, and only, say in a nidud character that afternoon with fire you will not find :)))). But he will tell where to find the rest.

Bowie, Koperhill New sefford, Spiritspring, two at Casa Verde, and on the basis of PPP.

All but PNPshnika can kill, but here PNPshnik prelyubotynsheyshuyu can tell a story that when they found the caravan, it was empty!

The question is - where all delos, and who actually killed the.

c) After hearing all, Lewis says, where you can find someone who knows even a fraction of the truth about this matter. prezedent Heinz.

That would be insanely long deny, but in the end admits that shadows from the south prevozili chemical equipment that they produce biological weapons fell silent people. Soldiers of the TNG actually killed mercenaries who went there. And indeed carried equipment. That's what most equipment, of which he 'allegedly spoke with scientists "on the day we arrived at the headquarters. Major killed himself Heinz, and if and only if the guy who passed the convoy and was PNPshnik, whom he called a drunkard. Boozer was also used in EOR is not drunk.

You can shoot yourself PNPshnika, or take it to Lewis, if Lewis to take him - he will join us in the battle for the biosphere and his detachment of militia.

Here, the first end of the quest. reward experience.

g) then, already collaborating with the shadows, you can see that the equipment was transported to the creation of a vaccine. (Just as a bonus).

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