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02.01.2018 05:10 Kot666
I'm sorry but in my opinion the convoy is better to tie the bunker which is located in the location path of the vultures. It leave the magazine in which it is written that the convoy was heading out of the bunker kudanibud and the point on the map. But they assume a new location (Airfield or military base) where you will find the same high measures and there is a corpse with a note that the convoy could not be held.
11.05.2012 09:06 Guest
25.03.2012 12:42 zsrg
Yes, it's real. They will shoot with the appearance of the enemy. Benefit is certainly not much, but the meat to distract the enemy will do.
15.01.2012 12:27 Guest
quest to escort about - remember the wolf and the seven that must be diverted to Donldu (in spiritspringls family - the house burned down)

You can also get them to like tolpitsa next to the player - although the benefits will be kakayato
27.12.2011 12:30 Guest
I will look to you regularly, intrigued ..
02.11.2011 10:03 zsrg
Nothing but the initial idea to continue the quest. Before actually never reached. I asked the author to continue - rapisat more NPC location, etc. but yet quiet.
01.11.2011 08:34 Guest
And you can see that it is done in refining?
01.11.2011 11:08 zsrg
All was quiet a long time, probably no one does not do so.
31.10.2011 06:15 Guest
A revision is still alive? :) PS - the site is truly gorgeous:)
29.09.2011 06:07 Guest
Interesting variations, but personally I liked this quest is as follows: initially impractical, and leave room for thought:) I can not right ...
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