The Fall: Chronicles of a hero.

I apologize for the lack of length in the year. I began to publish prohozheniya game one hero.

Remembering the first Fort New Order.

wear down at the heels latest sneakers and eating a half a sack of sand, all the same I went to the base Government of New Order. Stockade with a jack for a soldier at the entrance I liked it. Although the boy was sitting there - you can zashibit snot. When I came closer, he immediately started, raised his rifle and asked how wind has brought me. In my trick question: "You usher is needed? "Mechanically he replied that usher they already have. At my suggestion: "Maybe I sgozhus what?" He sarcastically said that the dystrophic no work, but generally people are needed, and hath. Even when I came in and advised to speak with the President - him like a clerk in the headquarters of the need.

President, I have found on the main square. A strange place: instead of monument - the guillotine, and I, it turns out, a holiday hit - bandit that same guillotine and ... Local promised to honor this holiday table cover. Not seeing anywhere around the cows, I decided to local dining not to go, and meat in it is not.

himself President stood at the edge of the area, but with two mordovorotami. The very sleek, groomed, his coat on it brand new, ryaha-fed - I like it looked, I was disgusted. On my joke that he was the president like, as I pilot, he was offended, but after hearing what I want to hired him to this Government, immediately sent me to Lucas. He said, "And you went to the passport office ... to Lucas." Apparently touchy. One mordovorotov waved his hand: "There.

On the way to Lucas' office, I spotted a small house, long, with peeling white paint. I feel that in the house that the thread is useful. "Well, - I think - on the way back to peep .

Lucas lived in a small desk to the left of this barrack. Meeting me unkind eyes and muttering: "There are all sorts here ... but I did not then forms enough ... ". Realizing that he had in me now ponapishet ausvays, I quickly grabbed the sheets, and proudly said that literacy is trained!

drain them was simple - "How to call me, what day is born, what month, what year, what the fuck and where ... .

And then I flowed back to the cold sweat - was the question of the wires at the last I loved the way. And so he stood, "you eat or not eat - That is the question! ". Insolently crossed out and wrote: "buried with all honor to the ancient Jedi tradition on the mountain top Everest .

putting flourish, I turned a piece of - well, that's another matter. Self-Portrait. Smart, beautiful, just not figure out - a sand ate while walking here - quite emaciated.

Well, the last leaf was driven by a description of the usefulness of the Government. Well, I I can. Of the guns fired, rifles, firecrackers exploded in his childhood - remembering this, put a tick that I experienced engineer. Remembering how the President responded to my joke, attributed to that I am a professional negotiator. I want to attribute that I even indispensable man, a hero and a genius, to the same modest, non Lucas then coughed significantly, suggesting, that there is a lot of writing is not necessary. Well do not - so do not! I handed him the paper. After Lucas had three valokordin, see the description of the funeral, he began to look ahead and put the print.

Joyful and to think that such a paper should be "wash", I toe to toe desk faced the door with the President. And he told me he started tell about how he immediately arranged, organized, he wants the world to recover from the ashes, and bring peace to the whole world - I do not know what to do, to cry toli, toli neighed. Again, he I was sent, this time in Wesley's military camp.

In the military camp, I immediately found this Wesley. And a sleek muzzle - tunic from him, truth was not an infantry and marine, and shoulder straps only sergeant, but when I came closer, he found it. Well this is a neighbor I was a childhood friend - we had firecrackers and blew up ... I thought I'd that he was a slave at the bandits, but he was over there! And even in the heads of managed to patch up!

Here is me and said. About the one who burned our village, about how these bastards cut of all, as his father drove polmagazina as Wesley in his own slightly to the doctor did not carry the fort. How is it out of sight Annie lost.

And then he said that my first job is just to find a band Redskullov, find and breaking to pieces, and broil a better, well, or to which enough of my fantasies when I find them. Finishing conversation, my friend handed me a card, a pistol, and personal affairs Mercenaries - the guys were not a lot, and they have, and so each stem at account - it was decided that I will go one.

wished me good luck, Wesley prompted to start the search - from David to ask New Sefforda - a retired gangster. I now had all the same, though Dave, though, Dan, though, Ben, though Ivan.

But before output had little pribrahlitsya - visiting Primechenie hut, I was not a bad vintovochkoy profiteer - the dogs on the road shoot. Looking around, so that no one was there, I immediately scrawled on the butt and the name of the rifle owner's name. And for house on a rope hanging brand new leather jackets - what I was need to replace my torn rags in the desert. Climb even a pair of houses, and barrels, boxes, I was not just the rich Pinocchio, but and the owner of valuables - corolla of the mixer, black powder, a leather helmet with goggles, gloves and a pair of biker is not bad pistols. Quarreled with the local merchant, and calling it meanie, I got the ammunition for vintovochki, skewer and knife - things useful, and capable (my) hands so simply priceless!

visited before leaving her father's grave, and drove away some of the local with a clearly naughty intentions, I went to a meeting with David. In New village Sefford.

Remembering two: New Sefford.

and Dreams loneliness, and over the road. Sneakers are asked to porridge, and I'm from it is not refuse. I went out to the broken bridge in the morning of the fourth day. More from a distance saw the house of David - not bad bandits living in retirement - two-storey mansion, of course, is not the first freshness, but it looks presentable. Once I approached him, he is a jerk! Was mansion, thunder, smoke and debris in all directions and there is no house ... I even did not manage to get upset - just realized that I would come here closer.

David! Eshkin Drum! Well I did not interview him now! It should at least find the remains. He went to the smoking wreckage, wanted to say a few words, seeing David on his last journey, when he saw that the sooner I began to grieve - they are thugs out what tenacious! Three Gopnik, put man very similar to Deva to the wall and want pukalkami shot.

And fuck you - I shoot him myself if he did not tell me anything! "- on the move I push my rifle throwing at them. Gopnik calmed, I have felt the their pockets - nothing useful there. And they have such faces that I thought, "how they treated it with explosives?" blew Hiking house is not it ...

David should was not the thugs go and traders! He started telling me how about his daughter about his 16 years, about one year alone, about village on a hill, about gangsters. And save the village of New Sefford I signed only to find out where to look for a gang.

The village flourished - good houses, with signs of repair, hard-working residents, but there is no free "monument" - about a well hung guy. The local guys at once struck me as cool. And these steep led Ben - a man in a baseball cap visor backwards. He told me history of gallows - come, reptile, with dynamite, like the village blow, but did not. The military court immediately gave him a sentence - "Hemp tie." Prihvatizirovali explosives. Hearing that, in the village will soon come pals hanged, Ben immediately took my plan - to give me an explosive, and hide themselves.

son Ben gave I explosives, and I laid it under the gallows - but lay down to wait for fence. Trouble came from not waiting for - the first of the gunman pinned woods behind me. Well, he stomped like an elephant - I had to hear and shot. And then burst into the village brigade of four Gopnik.

What are they Still nice guys - have decided to remember a bad word Minesweeper hanged. I even inadvertently heard that they are of him told - sorry, a sapper was such a good person. Vzgrustnuv Last time, I pressed the detonator. And he was happy - Now engineers in the world to not be so lonely - I have him Four buddies sent. With the rest figured out without any trouble - a couple of shots from a rifle, and "A comedy is finite.

Ben was happy. Only here's the problem - at the mention of Sarah, daughter of David He turned sour - the girl was gone. In the forest spree. I immediately went to the search. No wonder the Devas feared - Redskully it was caught. But that's where the good luck came to an end - I came, "the knight with the green gun", and saved girl. In the pocket of one of the bandits found a note where the language padonkaff was written the address of their armory of villages Bowie. Having estimated that in the trunk can be a decent bargain for a decent Armor, and a couple of "what the thread louder" is always a place in the modern, but not very good world, I decided that I must 'll drop back.

Back with it to Ben, I noticed the fire sad boy Bobby - I though the winner of a brutal and evil gangsters of all stripes, but not help your child find the manual wolf could not. The wolf was not far away - in near the forest with a cute wolf. Lure of meat, I'm back cub back to the owner.

Local trader, which I blew almost everything found in the village and removed from the corpses, was a rare meanie - but decent German G41 barrel is still given. In appendage, I pulled out of his truck grenade.

Passing through the the road from the merchant in the north-west, I went to the second village area - map, which I lectured Wesley was quite accurate. Then I came across a drunken man, shouting that he hate them all. I'm afraid even to talk with drunk and violent, but this was not drunk, what I would have disdained talk to him. Was not for nothing - spoke about the local gangs - monks of the desert and the children, adults are worse, and his burnt Seekers of dogwood. I like a hero as a champion of good, fair and the PNP, has promised that, as a mmo will go take a walk in the required those regions, and there I will bring this ORDER!

Another dumb Tiberius was a character - a local Kulibin and left-handed in one bottle. He looked completely insane, but he talked about his invention Time Machine with pride. And certainly not with less inspiration asked for help - he needs to bring a Flux-konpensator. Run had a long time - until it wandered into the yard of the old printed. There were Two men - one immediately ran up to me. E-May, and side bow - Reporter! Why do all good things with the end of the world disappeared - chocolate, Massandra wine, Chevrolet Camaro and UAZ Hunter. But every harmful, hindering the nature of crap - the yellow press, C-4, machine guns, people - were?

Reporter guy was insistent as he was able to persuade me participate in the tabloid - still can not understand. But here get him to five stories for the front page? Where from? From the finger suck! Well, most importantly, that the boy Marty, who was also a clearly not in itself - I am lucky for such people! - Seemed to Flux-konpensator!

Having taken a heavy instrument I barely doper Kulibina it up. Watching as the one with mat using adhesive tape and fasten in the back of the compensator Ford Mustang, I asked, not whether the Chiba gone mad? He did not offended - or I get is fine to talk to people or he's just a frame? - And said that if I want to communicate with this crazy then I have to talk to Tiberius named his brother - Mike. Scrawled on the screwdriver the reverse side of the keyboard address Mike, Chiba got into his car time, overclocked, and ... exploded! I think that mixed polarity Flux-compensator, or a capacitor struck.

Vzgrustnuv over Chiba fate - though he was a "pain ... Shoy fantasy", but with a slight character, I saw shashlychnika. My stomach has long adnate to the back asked in a weak voice: "Listen, friend, and may eat?" On the ammo dealer refused to change a skewer - the meat is said, No seasoning - barbecue either. I had to help him rediscover path to the spices - it settled wolves. In appreciation barbecue I have not received, but was able to cut the wolves, and spit in my own a.

Sated, I wandered around the neighborhood, once again deceived the merchant, and went to the reporter - in the absence of other cases. The President would be proud of me - thinking that If that answer him, not me I'm knocking on the PUP - they butcher helped (suddenly poisonous herb), and the bandit - Deva is now exactly will look, especially when I arrange them in stock and in laboratory, and defended the village - just in case. I'm humble - I do not need anything - just the way to the factory where guns lie.

On the way to factory ran into wolves - in a backpack settled one and a half pounds of meat. Of the factory - an abandoned, looted the building I was plunged into depressed - and for that I tortured my imagination, inventing titles for reporter? But upon closer inspection revealed a pair of pistols, Calico M950, and high-explosive grenades (misfire about 50/50 ...) and Survival spec, but I decided that since he is like, then let them remain here.

Remembering that David, I have not said where the base Redskullov, I ran to him. Fu! Dev was in place and said that Redskuly - is frostbitten addicts, and their main laboratory for the production of diabolical potion to be in the Casa Verde. Goodbye to David I wondered where I go ...

Remembering third Mike.

Remembering Chiba - really hurt me like this inventor, I looked to his brother named Michael. He actually lived in the capsule with the shuttle - I saw such a dream. Saved him from three wild dogs - a trifle, but nice.

Mike himself was Former astronaut landing badly hit his head. Slate had went thorough. He believed that he was on the MOON! Green Christmas Tree! There is real psychos, the same Tiberius - the kingdom of his soul, and there is unrealistic. That Mike was clearly of the latter. In my statement that I Russian kosmonyuft, he is not good, and pale as he began to yell: "Houston, we have the problem of unrealistic!" I realized that more here catch nothing. Although the capsule he had arranged a good apartment - if you live more than he should be here move ...

fourth Memoirs: A quiet town of Bowie.

more later week, after my last conversation with people I went to the fence Village Bowie. Solid aspen fence and gate from a wagon train.

Yes, richly live! "- I thought.

At this point, Someone blew up at least a kilo of C-4. The end of the drying Light land came under my feet, so that the chest pain soul shakin 'when she hits the edge. At the other end village rose a cloud of dust.

very rich" - I understood.

and entered the main gate. Homes here were even better than in New Sefforde - luxury wooden cabins, and the house only for the whole the district doctor was sheathed SIDING! But to paint a doctor were problem - the blue paint clung to, to bend any of the threshold of the board. Not wait until he put me in the eye diagnosed "exhaustion, thirst, and incurable weariness, "and taxied to the main square.

brightly burning fire, around which were taken in the dance of the three grouse or board of drunken alcoholic. After listening to half an ear, I realized how bad things in the town. Green snakes are vile let its roots to several kilometers in depth. Now it is clear that is blown. Not far from the fire, I met a "non-local '- blue shirt, pants and sleek face, saying that he had been previously in the PNP, and at least a senior group.

stranger introduced himself, Henry, and offered to join me and again serve as a PNP. If a girl in his place I would probably agreed, but this pretzel, also a coward and a gift I did not need - it's still a need to equip. Wished him good luck, I went to the warden.

Warden, flint-man, wiry and strong-willed, confessed that, with Every day people are drinking more and more.

- And all is well begun! Our liquor was the most samogonistym moonshine in the county! The village flourished - we sold moonshine as rubbing alcohol as a painkiller, as nastroeniepovyshayuschee, relieving the problems, as fuel for vehicles, tanks, helicopters, planes, as fuel for various burners, like vodka, as brandy, whiskey as how Moonshine in the end! But then the villagers drank themselves, and moonshine unit moved from the feeble, trembling hands in muddy paws Redskulov ... - absolutely limp at the end of the history of the elder Bowie.

Realizing that I went well and that I will find Oruzheyka only wort drunken bandyugaev, I immediately decided to help the warden - have respect the guy - the steering wheel in such a herd alkonavtov is not one of you machine gun shoot!

specifying where the distillation (moonshine Laboratory), I wanted to go there immediately, but Podoroga heard a she sighed: "Woe! Squelching, squelching! Trouble! The horror!

internal consensus that the bandits came in my face, and the trouble horror and grief. I still said that the charming, but upset, podruzamevaet girl. It turned out that the fate of Sabrina and Redskulov did not think, but about the loss of neighbors' twins Mia and Pia, do not grieve it alone, but also the floor of the village. For details, I found my mother twins. Although to understand something other than "forest! WOLVES! "From the mouth frustrated mother could not.

Realizing that there is nothing to take with her, and cash in on someone else's grief such a champion of good ashamed, and realizing that I can to any bandit grief and arrange for it to cash in again, I hid behind the brand Government of New Order, and promised to help a woman out of the goodness psychic.

On the road into the woods, trying to keep the explosions sounded neat for back ... I quickly got lost. But here, my luck has not left - I went to the house of a hermit, a grumpy old man, caustic word for it. He persuaded me to bargain for a certain battery McKenzie battery - apparently, about the fact that cars can travel at the local moonshine warden did not lie. But I went back, and to distiller. There I was greeted with open arms. Proposed CHANGE: I give them a thread that valuable material or negotiate with the girls from the village about the same purpose, and they gave me poured a glass of local brew. Well, I'm on this exchange not refuse - and boldly traded bullets in the moonshine. Only his left sleeve.

lost on the way back I ran into twins. After explaining to them that my mother was upset that they fled out of the house, and encouraged them to strap on armor-pants, I quickly galloped back children parent. Thinking that we could agree with it thanks (here ponabralsya any trash from the bandits - on Future: shoot first, then talk, and not vice versa), I felt sad. Dreaming about the Agnes and Carmen, and sincerely regretting I left them all at the headquarters, I am pleased the elder Bowie - Alcoholic lab again belongs to its reliable adherents.

So nice when the elder is not a gift I had once admired, told me to take a good one searcher, whom they nailed last week. Things there were not very valuable, but once, it was nice that the truly good answer goodness.

for high home I found McKenzie - unpresentable peasant, with a mustache with a beard. Knowing that I want to get his car battery, he politely asked me why the hell it is. When I heard about hermit began to swear - they say the rifle, I was promised, belongs to him, McKenzie! I quickly persuaded the man not to worry and put a price on the battery. We agreed on three liters of fresh water. Procuring liquid - a flask with me lying around the camp Redskulov near New seffordom, the second was discovered on the local water stock, and the third, I bartered with a local dealer for pistols seeker.

MakKanzi do some strange - all the time hanging out near the mutant corpse - hefty as hell knows what, two and a half feet tall - the man is not so much the more vymahal with modern kitchen. Hair white, his hands are long, blue-gray skin, as this MacKenzie to the census. And it all on the corpse zyrk so bad, zyrk ...

dvuhkilogrammovym runs away with the battery back to the hermit, I won the SVD, which is something I generally do not need nafig was!

already evening when I decided to come back in Oruzheyka Redskulov tomorrow and it'll make the Day of Judgment, I sat on the bench to see on the drunken dance on the occasion of return home and brew unit and twins. Beside me sat a battered woman, mourned escaped a dinner for her husband. After hearing her story, that the lizard, quick times and ran away ... taking pity on the poor thing, I immediately ran to the field - look for her hubby with a heavy hand. Hansa mat covering the potatoes was busy on the field of harm from him was more than good, because a simulation of turbulent activity. Having learned that today he had no dinner, he grabbed the barrel, and said that he is now ... In this Desdemona my proposal to build a cage or for dinner or for the very Hansa, he brought me a toy pistol.

Hansa more Hansa less, but greater fertilizer potatoes, and Barbara was delighted - after all, even after the End Light a marriage of rare stuff, even worse than the tabloids.

Interestingly, the editor of the machine to print at least fix it?" - I recalled my first mishap.

Morning found me in the way - I had planned to cover Redskulov the first rays of the sun, but overslept. At the turn of Oruzheyka I met Pete - farmer. He looked at me and muttered something about the mines, my gut on the trees in the area. Specifying of mines, I realized that luck is not a simple craft - I have not met Pete, I it would be worse than is typical. My way to the armory of the gang overlapped formidable band of mine. The plan, as it is overcome in my mind is ripe at once - that's from bandits ponabralsya any shit! It remains to persuade Pete to lead the herd minefield. Converge to the farmer was simple - Redskully hijacked his tractor.

We felt we have a rasposlednimi bastards when trawled minefield of cows. Resounding "MUUU!" Was replaced by a sharp "broads!". I already begun to fear that the cows will not suffice, and will have to sweep and Pete, but the path was enough, and herds of cows. Redskuly ran Look at this thing (although it seems to me that they could smell meat - which I have gathered), for which he paid. Particularly "bold" guys sat down in the bunker. Throwing an experienced view of the bunker, Pete advised to talk to Donald. And he started the tractor, which proved to be even deader than a hanged man from New Sefforda.

Antiquities Donald, contused on the head several times, covered dust digger, personified Julius Caesar - he combined the work Minesweeper, demolition, construction, construction superintendent, the customer, architect, decorator and manager for the sale of housing. He made house-caves directly into the rock! Well this is not a house, a castle Well! Here with the kids sit down, and a couple of machine guns, and the defense can keep it up! I decided that if the adventure will end sooner than introduce Mike, you osyadu here - only problem with the furniture. Even the shower there!

Yes, he had a C-4, yes, with Remote Control, no, because he is not her will return, yes, ready to exchange, no, not bullets, buffalo meat and Tiger Mountain. I would not give way to eat! Better yet, it is 0.5 local samogonochki on grasses and berries, but myastsa roast, and candles get - that it would have made a nice candlelight dinner - Agnes would could not refuse.

Where to find bison, Donald knew, and he told me, and with the mountain Tiger was a little more complicated - its environment, as well as Thursday and Friday, habitat Waldemar knew Hunter. His house was a truly raskoshen - pyatistenka classic gable roof, beamed fresh coat of paint. For the first time in my life I helped that I was from TNG - Woldemar asked me about Lucas from the passport office. Saying that he was neither "a shovel is not going to kill" and "moonshine is not spoish" Voldemar smiled and said, in what Hill comes at night mountain tigress.

rest was easy - a dead buffalo, hunting for the tiger - feeling like a real Sherlock Holmes! - I took all the meat Donald. He was overjoyed, and, saying that now his children do not die of hunger, gave me a cake with the antediluvian plastid detonator.

Have not seen any of these children, I went to the bunker. One tank, one door, an explosive, an explosion and four coward, who immediately appeared at the wall. I can not understand why are they having boxes with real weapons and armor, went against the I have a pistol? Well, their problem.

My problem boiled down to the locked boxes at the wall hopper. Need attacker. Professional. And he was found - Luke. Scaring the poor husky boy breathing and a hoarse voice and saying: "Luke, I am yours father ", he immediately persuaded him to open the lock - only I would have refused to paternity.

looked on the box, Luke sent me to the blacksmith, who had special passkey. And not understanding why she Herman, blacksmith, I ran back and forth for the desired.

Click! And in my hands Redskullov diary, and in it an indication of the derelict caravan, which is a guarantee not to touch any finders or Redskully themselves - so that's grist for a rainy day.

exchanged at a favorable rate found good, long time I kept going, how many valuable find in Redskulov drug labs, and how it will be lit blue-green flame! Therefore, leaving all the local good close to the merchant, and asking to look after, I took a couple of swap MP5, and went to Casa Verde. I already thought I was hear the sobs of bandits and the crackle of burning lab ...

Remembering five: Casa Verde. Recent laboratory Redskulov.

still anticipating a bloodbath in their lab, I came to the junction of roads - Go to the right in the Casa Verde will enter, go to the left - in the Valley Hayden will come, straight - shatters.

winding itself the maximum I literally flew into danger, wondering where Then put all the good. So I did not notice when I came to Laboratory.

I do not even heart skipped a beat - even if Donald is removed all explosives anyway it does not work - two-meter concrete walls, and gate - a bus full of iron. Truly an impregnable fortress. I was upset, but then decided to roll the fool and boldly, frowned went ahead.

Sentry smiled broadly and said password. The only thing I came to head: "Password - Old: Panties on the head!". No luck, no guessing. Now came to the fore the question is not how to kill them all, but as there get there? Need a password. Password known only to Redskuly.

Tormented a variety of options to receive a password, I saw on the roadside Leila, "prostitute", which was forty with a small tail months since the 240. After talking with her, I learned that she has protection services and couriers. Offered to go in the session, and "Interrogation." The idea is not bad, but there is no guarantee that such a case they have not invented by a black password - and instead opening the door, I see me flying in the lead-pea. It was necessary that the thread better. More reliable.

decided yet see what the two cities live in dangerous proximity to the bandits. On my surprise, Hayden Valley was not surrounded by even the sensible fence. I wonder how they were repulsed by the Seekers? On the one machine-gun turret. Or a very cool guys, or very stupid.

on trade area I was disappointed - buyers cat laugh. One so a man shouting "Meat! GOOD MEAT! "What I immediately became deaf. Deciding to ask, what's it for the meat, how much, I moved closer. The shock wave of his cry was knocked down. As soon as plugged trader, I good look on his face. Here on his mountain I'm ready to cash in! Nigel was looking barker, but he vanished into thin air as. In exchange for his returning to the scene shopkeeper offered to arrange a luxury blat underground arms dealer.

learning, where This live-shill clown, I went straight to him. Along the road stumbled upon a teddy bear. My heart trembled, and I decided find a child who lost it. However, first I came across Colin, who lost not a bear, and his father in the woods. I was on the way, and I looked his father in the woods. Found it. It remains something mildly Colin said that he is now an orphan. I hate these moments - the children should be happy childhood! The only thing that I was able to - the guy did not left without a roof over your head - I've posted it in Hayden Valley. No doubt the boy settle down.

Adrian I found a barker at home. Not only that lazy, so more and emo. Woe for him! I've wanted to show him what real grief, but Then he saw a teddy bear. I thought he had lost a child, and here all started out as a ...

However, I is one - the main clicker returned to the stage, and I learned about the Miles - best seller of guns in the District. On the road to it is in the village Casa Verde, I saw a dump broken equipment, hiding under the sign shop "Skilful hands." In my mind a plan was born overhear the password with this junk - chose the word hopeless option.

shop owner, Jim-Bob myglyadil as if not washed from birth - the hair stand end, all of lice, face grimy, ragged thing, UGH! But the grimy stated that he has something that I like - bug, for wiretapping, supposedly working, supposedly develop CIA. He was broken, and this piece of dirt to fix it. When I asked Jim-Bob has shown Diploma Bauman. Bauman. Bauman was only three errors, and Bauman - Four. Deciding that this is a sufficient argument, grimy said I will not sell it, and wants me to another kind of service. Already thinking that now I'll shoot him for such hints, I carefully asked what he wanted. FU! It had passed! It is necessary to him that I would helped him to a local beauty zakadrit Dan. I laughed. No, I do not Laughing, I neighing! I whinnying like crazy - it's grimy schmuck wants to zakadrit girl! And I have to help it? Deciding that it is will be the coolest my adventure, I told him that with him would be if zhuchek not work. Stating that he is ready for Dana to All Jim-Bob agreed. Excellent! Excellent! Best banditogub and dusheed, image-maker has some grubby nerd! I'm on my own It was disgusting, but work is work. By breaking down the task into three simpler I decided that Jim needs a new haircut, wash and fashionable outfit - At least, I would have Agnes as the quadrille.

Hairdresser Lewis in exchange for my old leather jacket has agreed to cut this grubby, and even a magazine about fashion hairstyles given to the heap. Log in Maren was bartered to the soap. Remained the most difficult task - wear. I was in a backpack armor suit, but Jim-Bob, he was as cow saddle, and I dropped the idea. Deciding to try his luck in the second village, I went there. My attention was attracted by the iron rod, very comfortable, versatile thing - and brains to the right and the technique can break. Looking around, I saw the mill. The real mill! Chicken! Beautiful! Near her was a thresher, a miracle modern mechanics. And there I saw the desired - Jacket rat fur! Hell, I would have put on this! But she was not wearing me and miller at Chuck. At the persuasion he went off and made me acting craft. At night, I'm using the rod broke a threshing machine! Yes so that it shall never mend! Almost felt like a Don Quixote! And waited in the morning. Chuck discovered a malfunction in the morning. Miller smiled at all the thirty-three teeth, I said that I can not fix it, even for a jacket. Poor guy had to shoot her jacket and climb under the thresher himself. My attempts to take over jacket ended in a fiasco! Had to figure out how to distract him. I thought and thought and came up with: some of his grain warehouse was equipped with fire alarm system. Having decided that the attempt is not torture, I'm for it pulled. The effect was appropriate - Chuck raced on the alarm system so that did not have time to take a jacket, I have only to take it with a hanger.

That's what happens When I take my job - a grimy-chmom schmuck, was a promising modern electronics shop owner, Jim-Bob! Dan, he zakadrit in no time. I'll have it later this jacket shoot back. I, too, eventually will have to issue family and the continuation of the human race to do, and Agnes his knows the price - the one currently does not admit.

And I Miracle of technical thought - bony plates! It remains only to attach it to the car carriers until they have Leila. While waiting for the time spoke with non-local - found a companion in misfortune. Keno, shaven-headed sniper in a decent Armor admired the outstanding forms of local girls. We sat for half an hour with him, baiting stories, and then I wentnothing.hand.NextNota little bit.AOfthe road.


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