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03.08.2012 03:24 Guest
I did not think that for so long there will be only one comment, I thought more people would be here, but okay.
As for the language - I do not just become accustomed to watching the passage in this way.
Also, I do not quite have seemed the obvious ramifications copyrights and additions, which the plot was not, though, of course, is the author's case, how and what to write)
Purely from a male point of view, I probably would have been much nicer to see all 64 ways to get this or that place, depending on the skills, attributes, ...
This, of course, is a chore - pereproyti game a hundred times, each time changing the style, but my skills differ from those of the author, therefore, for example, I will not bring any good indication of the use of rhetoric in order to save time passing any quest and the like.
Still, I personally would be more convenient to read this passage as the passage of quests (in the sense of a genre of computer games), that is, approaches to sweep every crowd of enemies, and not just a report "to shove in the most do not spoil this guy, let them lie as they want ( gravedigger I did not) and went on ".

But the main question, as I hope, anyone has read the answer is one - to pass, whatever else.
I'm not going to insist that it coincides with my worldview, just hope that my opinion will help make the story more interesting for everyone. Good luck!
02.08.2012 10:32 Onyx
Of course you need. Among other things, read a passage much more interesting than a dry retelling.
And do not criticize him for that. Unless, of course, the continuation will not take long)
28.07.2012 07:43 DElf
Simply fasting, that was absent. And please critique - you need to pass the site in the form of stories.
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