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14.07.2017 08:28 Unknown
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, tupanul in the previous comments... well, slashes are placed. Damn. Understand please someone who knows programming and is an expert in all of this.
14.07.2017 08:26 Unknown
I moved from an old version of the helmet without removing the existing DT21.

1.Threw under a modified name in objects.ubn and textures.ubn appropriate files.
2.Ordered it in the folder scriptsglobaltextEnglish in the file by analogy.
3.Prescribed in the scripts folderitemdata file by analogy.
4.Ordered it in the folder scriptsobjectdata file by analogy.
5.Ordered it in the scripts folder in the file by analogy.
6.Maybe something else did, don't remember.

In summary: the object of the game is. The game crashes. It can take he has written me name, is displayed as intended. Has all the features cost. You can even improve with the help of talent. You can throw on the ground, he has the model and texture, when he was lying. It can be worn on the head.

Problem: no icons in the inventory - a transparent cell. On the head it is transparent, no texture.

The icon I files format .the gui is not completed. Just can't find the required files and analogies. Where is it and how is it done?

Why the head is invisible? What else do I not finish? Or even done wrong?
31.03.2017 10:11 BrainRipper
"In Derfflinger 7.4 liter of water weighs 2 kg. Here it would be correct."

Fixed me.
20.12.2015 09:35 BrainRipper
Objects may be stored on the ground, nothing is lost.
And to pick up multiple, Pause game play, then hold 9 poklikat by name subjects relevant to you and remove pause.
10.12.2015 11:18 Guest
When can I see the finished product
24.09.2015 03:13 BrainRipper
A boot is not enough?
19.09.2015 09:50 Guest
It would be good to develop a patch to the game with the addition of boxes to store items
08.06.2015 11:42 Guest
At the time this game went past me. But it is better, as they say, late than never. Many shortcomings, but the pros more! Thank you very much, who brought to mind the creator of the site - a special thank you!
P.S. Really surprised to see comments 2015 year)))
12.03.2015 12:32 Guest
Thank you so much for what you do, it is a pity that there are very few people who remember and deal with such masterful games .. Eh would add to the sniper "Vintorez" would probably still just 10 passed the game))
06.03.2015 09:04 Guest
In Derfflinger 7.4 liter of water weighs 2 kg. Here it would be correct.
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