Network mod

If anyone tried to link the two game worlds of different customers?

Is there a scripting language like Python there is a module sockets.

The basic algorithm is this:

1. The game loads and starts the server as a task with the update after a certain interval.

2. The client connects and sinhroniziruete server base variables of quests - starts the job by sending their coordinates on the server, and objects

3. Upon receiving the coordinates from the client - the server sends state bigish objects to the client.


but I'm afraid the scripting functions can not be enough for this.

Issues not considered cheating - just a fan co-op multiplayer.

While it is possible to bind only on the timer and the selected callback.


I think the client needs to obtain a list of NPC from the server when downloading card and synchronize your local NPC killed to remove the essence how to play for different characters could be seen the actions of each other. Ie you are his friend possible to unify the events of the attack, murder(as the element chance the attack will fail at one point of time), landing in the car, the movement of the machine and the total loot.

1. Download - the client tells the server who plays and options your character receives from the server the character gets a list of NPC, loot, variables data("zone")

1. Attack - one player starts to attack - triggered on_attack() and another player called attack().

2. Murder - you just need to synchronize CPS event on_hit() - priority to leave the server how to deal with headshots on the client side is not clear...

3. all functions on_xxxx() from a script sinhroniziruete between a client and a server spoofing "ALTER_EGO" ID avatar

4. additionally, synchronized position of objects in time second

5. Even the game chat can be done via the console


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