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Refinement of the quest "escort "

DElf 25.08.2011 | Comments (16)

a) General Lewis, after the quest about the police in spiritspringe tell about the convoy. After katostrofy - divided into military grupirovki: someone was a bandit, one mercenary, someone went to the TNG. About the convoy he only knew what he was hired Shadow. What or whom they were transporting it does not.

After a conversation with the General, the main character decides to investigate the matter and sent a second place.

Re-search icon allows the sheriff, which lies far away from the place of Advent.

Gen. Lewis knows this icon: he belonged to Major - the leader of the mercenaries, his old friend.

In a conversation comes up that body in Hammer are not - mercenaries armed with a completely different way, but there is no doubt that they are dead.

What's missing from the game?

SandAdept 18.08.2011 | Comments (86)

Leave ideas for modifications to the game.

At the same time evading if you have the skills and desire to use them to create mods for the game.

Team modding

Mercenaries in the game

SandAdept 06.06.2011 | Comments (49)

This blog will describe the location and characteristics of mercenaries, which can be found in the game. Eight of them are based on PPP and their detection is not easily reach. Therefore, I will describe the rest.

From my experience playing, I can say that only the basic skills set the overall direction of pumping, but the experience in the game (especially with the mod Freedom) will last for <<re>> NPC to your needs.

Below is a table of characteristics and skills of all the NPC. All parameters of mercenaries, but the skills are generated randomly within certain limits. Table provided DElf.

Guide to modding

zsrg 06.06.2011 | Comments (74)


As promised, completed the blog for registered users. Hopefully this will rally the remaining fans of the game, and the light will be something worthwhile.

I'll start with reprints of articles on modifying the game from the site Absolute Games . The article is very useful, but references to it are outdated, since the game developer's site - is closed. I think that would be useful to refresh the page and links. Join us! I'll wait for your articles!

Documentation in English and examples of modifications


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