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22.05.2019 09:27 GombaPorkolt
Thank you for all the answers and info you have given, especially to BrainRipper. I have decided to make an account now as I want to contribute to this community as much as I can, as I am extremely glad that we still have a welcoming community around a 14-year-old game.
21.05.2019 09:38 GombaPorkolt
I do not know if sharing videos are allowed, but I just found a neat little bug in the game which I feel might benefit this community. Gameplay is on Apocalyptic/Very Hard. In the video is a neat little exploit as well as a gameplay mechanic I've just now realized (despite having played the game for ages). I hope you'll enjoy it!
BrainRipper, answer to: GombaPorkolt
If you have talent "disguise" skill "stealth" enemies can see you from 24 meters in the daytime when you are lying down. And if you have talent "disguise" skill "sniper weapons" - from 10 meters.
BrainRipper, answer to: GombaPorkolt
Why didn't you include the shadows in the graphic settings?
GombaPorkolt, answer to: BrainRipper
I don't know, I just did not bother modifying the graphics settings when I installed the game and started playing it.
19.05.2019 12:33 GombaPorkolt
2 questions about ambushes when resting:

1) Does difficulty affect how frequent the random ambushes are?

2) Is the frequency of those affected by whether or not I'm resting "in" a town or "outside" of said town?

Thanks for the answers!
BrainRipper, answer to: GombaPorkolt
1. Like not affected.
2. Not affected.
13.05.2019 11:59 GombaPorkolt
Doing a 1-character only no death run of the game on Apocalyptic. Character is Stealth/Throwing focused. If interested, will send links to videos, as I upload my playthrough to YouTube. Wish me luck, comrades!
BrainRipper, answer to: GombaPorkolt
You should choose the "disguise" skill "sniper weapons". It is more powerful than "disguise" skill "sneak".
By itself, the skill "stealth" means silent, not invisible. Invisibility is achieved only at the expense of talent "masking".
GombaPorkolt, answer to: BrainRipper
Yes, but since throwing weapons instakill and have no sound as opposed to sniper weapons, I think they are better. Also, they are reusable, so no need for ammo hunting. I had completed the game up until the end of Casa Verde long ago this way and I am at the same point now, it is a breeze from now on. If the throwing weapons instakill even the Shadows, it should be a breeze.
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