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Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
I apologize.
read only 70stranits guestbook not found.
since you, Sergey, saying that there is no solution, then it is not.

thank you for your great work, as this site, Sergey
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I'm not saying that you can not do :) If I remember correctly, you can "tear off" the camera from the character, but to lift up or out - just will not work, limiting engine.
05.01.2014 01:39 Guest
Prompt how to open the location with the space shuttle? Heard that it opens from the right conversation with the dude on a time machine ... If so, then how? Location is not opened and the dude has already departed .......
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I already wrote about this, I repeat - In New Sefford, had, during a conversation with Tiberius (the type with a time machine), select the phrase: "Frankly, it is pure folly", after which he will talk about the astronaut and lives in a capsule in location "Mike Bellinz." In most locations there is nothing interesting.
But if you really want to open a location, you can run the command in the console:

set_zone_enabled ("sqzone_1", True)
30.12.2013 01:59 Guest
Here a good image with the game. All inclusive.
RePack by SxSxL
Derfflinger mod v.7.4.
24.12.2013 11:53 Guest
here pereprohozhu game one character and opened giperevreyskuyu theme how to overcome more points for higher level:
the first thing you need along with the "ugly" in the passport office to shake the medicine (do not forget about the explosive case, which must quickly catch up to 75, for the second level, we have to blow retskullov hanged, and there have safes and locks and drawers will open on the first levels it is very useful), and catch up to 99 as soon as possible, because there opens Skill "psychology" that every day can rock on "2" all the attributes (for 5 minutes). so here goes: in addition to intelligence, to which 3MU level must have achieved the 20, Skill psychology takes it for up to 22 and, respectively, 16 points for higher level.
The easiest way to act themselves before deciding psychology give experience (sorry, it is often given at the end of the dialogue, and there may expire duration), for example, before killing someone dangerous, and receive SuperMulti rating) sorry, I reached base retskullov too late glades token, not having never cheat to level 13 so.
20.12.2013 08:40 Guest
and whether it is possible to tear the camera from the characters? and that too little review
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
As far as I know - not. Use the middle mouse button and moving the mouse to change the angle to the horizon. Add a review into the distance. I do not know, yet played on a resolution of 1024x768 - always snapped review. Who launched at 1920x1080 - review more than enough :)
Guest, answer to: Guest
so can only Tropic of Anarchy ...
then the camera "free" or "tracking" have a different meaning when to move on wasd, tracking camera will seek to turn in the direction of movement (or rather, to the side where the car in front), free - as in GTA.
20.12.2013 11:27 Guest
Good day! Prompt how to increase the number of slots in the trunk of the car (Hamer narkomobilya ...) And yet, at the entrance to the map not display any mozile not in IE error code on lines 1 and 80 character 1
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