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03.05.2010 11:10 Guest
In quest of narkolabaratoriyu to u0026quot;Casa Verde u0026#39;if I stand next to a prostitute pickup does not come, if waiting until 10-00 pickup appears at the entrance to the house, put the scutes, wait another two hours, run video, but the pickup in the video is not appears and the game freezes. So to know the password does not work. Can I still some way to get to the area of u200bu200bthe laboratory?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
If I remember correctly. When the driver goes to a prostitute, leaving the machine unattended install scutes and forward immediately, without having to scroll the time, etc. Just wait and see. He was her stay was not long after that go to the base and everything will be fine. Another way to get on base no.
29.04.2010 08:57 Guest
Romeo, out there on the wall where the elevator is something ala call is NSP carefully.
29.04.2010 08:56 Guest
Admin, just now saw your answer about the offer to help: I u200bu200bcan offer assistance in writing the passage: in my stash is not big literary vein)))) if zainteresueshsya I looked into the court periodically.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I wrote the site long ago, at the request of friends who are now engaged in almost no time the site. If you have the desire and you are passionate about the game can make you the right to edit information on this site. Able to score on the passage of information, quests, etc. Answer visitors' questions, in general engaged in the development site. Of course, if you are interested.
20.04.2010 03:48 Guest
please help me down the second time in veseltaun give the alcohol and oil from the museum shtob finish misiyu and can `t either to rise or location to leave a second time to rise up ?????????????????????? ?
18.04.2010 08:01 Guest
and I have a problem - the game zaglyuchilo sohranenki not loaded ...
17.04.2010 04:04 Guest
the way to the scene after become a champion, you can continue fighting, but there was nothing good, except for plazmoblastera cartridges and laser pistols and the ammunition well, I very rarely sold at dealers. I'm on stage for half an hour doing 10 packs of 100 rounds of ammunition. and I do not do cheating. Overcome, and taking with them ammunition. truth is not always fall, so you have to do a reboot, so that nothing not to waste medical supplies. vobschem a little plus I've found)
17.04.2010 04:00 Guest
from the beginning I took the game each with its pros, a medic and scout, the other techniques and carrier, the third thief and burglar, the fourth vzrynik and seedling of heavy weapons and the fifth special for sniper and machine guns. the main protagonist pumped to the eloquence and heavy weapons. at the moment, three proficient with heavy weapons, a sniper and two with light weapons. I found one laser gun left and right now, for the 2 nd to find. protagonist with plazmoblasterom walks))))
17.04.2010 01:11 Guest
the arena has not gone. To increase the skills of others when he received a passport lowered hand combat with 30 to 20 (or 25-word minimum). Reached Vesseltauna. Behind the back untouched quests have squabbled about the twins from Spiritspringza and convoy-UNIS Trafeev out a big pile ... and I have kids and so overweight, I carry with myself only expensive good all the same from the traders did not appear a decent (((( (Du3vayu proakchat cage and spend gonryuchku )))))
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