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31.08.2010 12:59 Guest
Hotleos to know. and that includes rasshirenanya assistance conditional, which is caused by pressing T? She must like it displayed?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Pro assistance extended by pressing "T" I do not remember this. But in the vogue of Deflingera a "spirit helper" called by pressing "H" and gives tips on passing.
30.07.2010 08:31 Guest
In terms of how he tried, two letters have missed:)
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Well, then I do not know. Like when I played it worked because of the pitfalls often getting any.
30.07.2010 08:30 Guest
And I just 1.10 + LDGA_patch74, but the skill of medicine (for Agnes) 87, and a lot of bonuses on this topic. Thatu0026#39;s nothing? Confused u0026quot;in the presence of initial (zero) being able to u0026quot; Medicine u0026quot;. u0026quot;, But I understand that the better-developed miditsina, the better. But no matter how shit, nothing comes out. After clicking on the u0026quot;combine u0026quot;, both subjects immediately returned to their slots without result, and any sounds.
30.07.2010 02:45 Guest
Found another one, seems to have a glitch. Vlyazhka with water (including null) can not be combined with u0026quot;Diaghilev pharmacy . Tried as a character with skill u0026#39;medicine u0026quot;in 84 points and a good mechanic. Need an antidote, but all that had found spent (traps).
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
The antidote is combined from a flask with water and Diagel pharmaceutical Only when the LDGA patch from Derfflinger'a and in the presence of initial (zero) being able to "Medicine".
Guest, answer to: Guest
Requires talent "alternative medicine."

But there is no sense in combination as poisoning can be removed in the presence of the above angelica talent.
27.07.2010 08:35 Guest
Itu0026#39;s me, about glitches with pick-up. Uploaded a little earlier save game and it worked well that way, because to start the game again does not really like. My question is, how can pump a team of non-linear action. Iu0026#39;ve yet found only one thing - fighting during the rest of the groups seekers, an analog random encounters in Fallout. There is something else in mind? And how often stumble on these u0026quot;meet u0026quot;?
27.07.2010 07:01 Guest
Put on a new game 1.10 + LDGA_patch74, everything works. When you add RT_Mod_v.2.5 stops zapuskatsya. In what may be the problem? Shl. RT_Mod_v.2.5 pumped several times from different sources, the same result.
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