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Do you guys forgive me, quickly I can not answer all your questions, as time and no free game and already forgot. However you look in the evening game scripts and marked on the map to locate and Fred and Vinglera
04.04.2010 08:26 Guest
I think that traders have a limit on how many things a certain type (armor, weapons Hawk and the rest). Iu0026#39;ve tried to do so by buying from traders all the coins in exchange for a pair of expensive shmotok that there is less number of things in general, the merchant, and after 70 hours have checked and there was a couple of new things with a tab-new
04.04.2010 07:48 Guest
About the monks of the desert tell Vingler living in the village of Fredo. Fredo naydote in north-western settlement in the location of New stefford. I have a good updated after 400 hours ...
04.04.2010 07:10 Guest
Here are found the page with all the cheat codes everything clearly described, if anything, can add to the site
04.04.2010 03:23 Guest
and another thing, is not updated merchandise from merchants, even though the trade comes up to 600 hours and still does not change, especially checked. do not help?
04.04.2010 12:54 Guest
how to open the territory of the monks of the desert?
04.04.2010 11:37 Guest
generally enter through the console and it is useless, nothing comes out. mod my 7.4 like must go
04.04.2010 11:28 Guest
Iu0026#39;m sorry, but the programming is not whisking not say in what file the code is to prescribe?
04.04.2010 10:04 Guest
04.04.2010 01:33 Guest
Yes code I did it ...
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