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21.02.2017 09:27 FloatWave
New article after 2 years, isn't nostalgia great?
18.02.2017 02:09 FloatWave
I have suggestion/wish.
Could be console names added to item profile?
There is Type, Weight, Cost etc. So could you add Code: "SET_INTRO_CLOTHES" please?
They are already listed in "List of game commands" but it hard to orient in it without the images etc.
Just an idea :)
FloatWave, answer to: FloatWave
BrainRipper, answer to: FloatWave
Look at an url, exm.:

Convert to uppercase and add SET_ to the beginning
FloatWave, answer to: BrainRipper
That's awesome solution! Thank you
18.02.2017 01:56 FloatWave
This website is still the best thing ever :) Can I ask you Set how is this web runned/maintained? Like server cost etc.
15.02.2017 10:00 Guest
In the database beguiled names Kavalerovo and steel helmets. Come see the sets and noticed.
14.01.2017 11:25 Guest
hey there
I am looking for the folders called zones and scripts to use some localizations for it. Where may i find it, since it is not in the root folder.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
Unzip files "scripts.ubn" and "zones.ubn".
05.12.2016 11:06 xKONARx
the people prompt who knows how to find more city I searched all around but not as not what one clue and the game itself I found
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