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MorganFreeman, answer to: Guest
Thank you so much! Although some sort of certainty. It remains to find out they're just lying somewhere on the ground or in one of the few "active" objects lie.
30.06.2015 05:03 Guest
My fix for patch / Fashion Derfflinger 7.4
29.06.2015 09:41 Dmitriy
After changes to the files - scripts (damage from munitions, weapons at the firing range) in the game, these values
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Dmitriy
It's hard to say anything, not knowing what and how to change.
Dmitriy, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
for example: I am in the scripts itemdata ammo Done ammunition-'SET_AMMOPACK_9_MM_DUMDUM 'Replace with string
objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AMMOPACK_9_MM_DUMDUM', attribute = "schaden_organisch_min", value = 3)
objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AMMOPACK_9_MM_DUMDUM', attribute = "schaden_organisch_max", value = 7)
Done in the game is changing, but when you view information about the munitions damage is not 3-7, and any value changes with a reboot of the game ...
Also betrayal firing range objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AUTOMAG_3', attribute = "minimale_feuerreichweite", value = 0)
objects.set_attribute (object = 'SET_AUTOMAG_3', attribute = "maximale_feuerreichweite", value = 25)
promotre when the game information weapons firing range not 25, not the old value of 22 m. The ability to lay character. 60 Weapon ...
Here's the problem: the value of damage and range of the game have changed, but the information about it became incorrect.
Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
Patch Derfflinger 7.4 cost?
Dmitriy, answer to: Guest
Yes installed: Derffinger mod 7.4,
Freedom Mod v 2.0
Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
In Derfflinger patch 7. * accuracy of the information about the objects depends on the skill of the characters. Bleed "easy weapon" to, say, 99.
26.06.2015 06:12 Guest
Someone here complained that the combination of alcohol treatment is not working. Apparently they have downloaded from repak by Catalyst, the distribution of which is Derfflinger'a curve version of the patch.

The correct version is the official website Derfflinger'a here.
19.06.2015 10:54 Guest
Good day! Thank you for such a good and lively site on this elegant game :) I have a question concerning Freedom Mod 2.0: in a randomly enkauterah look for clues? Loki large "active" objects small. Spending time in their long and the survey is not clear whether they will lie clues. Who was able to find at least one share experiences. What are they all represent ?!
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