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BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
"All the same, it seems to me, the problem is a bug kvestovki that entails and broken saves made in the area"

I and other players are no bugs in kvestovke not observed.
Perhaps you have a file area "Casa Verde" is simply broken. Can Derfflinger'a patch stood askew can glitch due Freedom 2.0 fashion.
30.01.2016 08:42 Guest
Again, I unpacked an old toy in order to feel a little Pustoshny hopelessness and say, getting pleasure from it (including through fashion), but, unfortunately, faced with a problem in Kase Verde. I have seen a similar problem, but the solution does not come, and therefore I decided to go here for help
Quest blackmailed scientists, the problem is that redskully camp hostages become hostile (the script does not work remove immortality). The problem, it seems that the game console says here is
ValueError: no object with the ID "ENEMY_CAMP_G01" found
In addition, krashatsya saves Made in Casa Verde. Restarting visits after the armory at this location (ie rollback) is not a campaign issue lechit..Pomozhite people)
PS tried to use the console to complete the quest, but given the location and a new quest to spiritsprings
Guest, answer to: Guest
While solved the problem of skidding cheat unlocks the globalku. New quest given machine. Let's see what's next
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
What is your version of the game? What patch is placed? Do antivirus?
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
1.10ru, Derrflinger mod 7.4, Freedom 2.0
Avast antivirus, but I've tried to disable.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
You left the Casa Verde before it completed all the quests or not? Snipers have not selected Keno?
12.01.2016 11:55 BrainRipper
Fixes a critical bug when accompanied Abraham to the original version 1.10
11.01.2016 11:04 Guest
There are still the only ones, like me, that this game is still played :) Funny that 8 years ago, I left the post here. Recently, for the first time passed before the end of Fallout 1,2,3. Now here's The Fall decided to finish last. Powered igruha to 1920x1080, and if you close your eyes to the faces of the characters and blurred long-range plan, the schedule did. It is a pity that the game did not continue and the like are now basically no.
I do not really understand how the addiction to arms, how many ranks, and it is also reset when you switch firing modes. I'll start again without third-party mods on the advice of comrade BrainRipper.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
"Works on igruha 1920x1080"
With distortion of the proportions, everything is stretched.

"I'll start again without third-party mods on the advice of comrade BrainRipper."
Only fixes for Abraham's place. And on request, fix the translation.

"I do not really understand how the addiction to arms"
10 killed +5 shooting skills
30 killed in 10 skill
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
I not noticed distortion. Resolution is available in the game settings. While it may before the characters were very thin, I do not remember :)
Correction of "true" to "True" did the rest is not critical, look. And why fix AK-47 on the AK-74? It's two different machine.
Addictive there divided by the total weapon that does not move and a certain - like 5,10,30. When assembling with a silencer and a laser pointer strays in my opinion. And for throwing knives at all after 30 murders, nothing changes.
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