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16.03.2015 11:21 Guest
Here trap with explosives
Here trap with poison
There are no traps

Here trap with poison
14.03.2015 08:18 Guest
In one of the passages stalknulsya with zhucharoy:
When you return to the headquarters of the TNG (the plot need to talk again with PRES), a unit is not included on the map, but instead created a completely new (green) character and plot in this location is from the beginning. The journal same old quests remain. After talking to Wesley and selecting people for a unit, turns to him and asks for all the achievements. When you exit from the location continues the story of alpha-hero, but he and his band will inevitably have sunk into oblivion.
Who met the Bug and who knows what to do in such a case to return everything to normal (or avoiding) ???
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Not experienced or even heard of such a bug
Guest, answer to: Guest
Read about this
You save game pobilsya. Perhaps saves struggling with multiple walking between locations.
The link above write about the possibility to combine normal saves. To do this, keep a backup save game, made in the second zone when you have never returned first.
14.03.2015 06:33 Guest
"The text is taken from the license transfer" as is ", I see no reason to alter it. But thanks for the comment."

If you switch from training tips to normal, then the description of talents will be replaced.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thank you for the update, check
13.03.2015 11:43 Guest
There are no traps this box is not in the location, its place there is a trailer.
12.03.2015 06:46 Guest
Notes on inaccuracies on the map

Here traps with explosives

Here trap blades
10.03.2015 09:04 Guest
Unique sniper rifle SR-800 (the most deadly sniper rifle from the description of the patch 1.10) can be extracted from Helmut two ways:
1) steal when he sits on a bench in the center of the base; or when he stands / talking, holding SCS (in general, the rule: in the hands of Helmut sniper should not be); using reboots when I was able to steal skill "pickpocketing" 55 (agility was 9);
2) pick up off the floor when Helmut sleeping (the day he sleeps in a brick building in the southeastern part of the base); In this case, the skill "pickpocketing" generally not involved, but secrecy should not be below 85.
06.03.2015 06:14 Guest
all except npc merchants stopped talking !! what to do?
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