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14.05.2015 10:44 Guest
you call your party?
motto in your party?
Guest, answer to: Guest
Is detachment can somehow be called in the game?
09.05.2015 07:49 Guest
I'm still in front Kopperhillom averted squad in Casa Verde, he fired four mercenaries there, came to the first location, hired the remaining four, then back to the Casa Verde, where newcomers and fired again took the old ones.
Just a pity it was when towards the end of the game, they will disappear.
09.05.2015 07:45 Guest
Come close to the fence, hold down W and click the mouse on the territory of the fence. Then the character will go through the fence.

The building on the left to get there, kind of like, you can not.
09.05.2015 01:26 Guest
Thank you, please write how to enter the house of President Hayes and the building on the left.
08.05.2015 10:40 Guest
when and how to seize the headquarters of the new government
{} Now correctly
Guest, answer to: Guest
After visiting the location database Shadows and talk with Abel, all NPC, including merchant locations will disappear from the "headquarters of the new government."
08.05.2015 10:31 Guest
The area on the map of desert monks 14 monks
08.05.2015 10:29 Guest
Map Casa Verde 31 rєtskul
29.04.2015 04:55 Guest
Hello Set
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