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Noah --Not only is the M203 bloody heavy and blkcos the bayonet on the M4 (and the bayonet blkcos the muzzle of teh M203 on the M16), but you don;t really get all that much for doing that, other than you can throw one humdinger of a first couple of salvos.But how often do you really need a volley on line of 40mm HEDP from a single rifle squad?Better to give each rifleman the WEIGHT of the launcher in 40mm ammo for the two designated grenadiers.Or issue the FN "shoot though" (not blank launched, not bullet trap -- live ammo through the tailboom and out a polymer nose cover) to all your riflemen, and EVERYONE is a grenadier at need, but no heavy launcher. Sure, the 40mm is more flexible in ammo choices, but the overwehlming majority of the time you'll be shooting HEDP anyway. . .
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