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Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
Pause the game, select a weapon and switch shooting modes.

You fix my set?
Dmitriy, answer to: Guest
Try to put your upgrade.
Not enough More fixes for the grenade launcher at OICW, tell me which line to add this weapon_events
Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
And OICW what's wrong? Sound like a shot there.
Dmitriy, answer to: Guest
gap grenades on the ground fired from grenade launcher, you need to add to weapon_events like M203, M-79, BG-15.
Cam tried fails.
Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
Do not OICW grenades 40mm, and much smaller caliber. By the way, OCSW also prevents the explosion.
Dmitriy, answer to: Guest
OCSW suitable for 20 mm ammunition, armor-piercing and high-explosive
Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
Guest, answer to: Dmitriy
I looked on YouTube video: 20mm Grenade OICW works without fiery explosion. Ie in the game at the moment - realism.
11.07.2015 12:49 Dmitriy
I noticed a problem with the monks of the desert: for those who are written scripts to clean weapons (}
"DESERT_MONK_7": {# Waffe reinigen
"00:00:00": {
S_START: [start_clean_weapon ()],
S_LOOP: [clean_weapon ()]}
after the attack on them they do not want to take up arms and fight a run. How can I fix this?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Dmitriy
I think you can, because the trigger occurs when they flee fighting. I get the scoop on these days, how to do it, if no one did not make.
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