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13.03.2015 11:43 Guest
There are no traps this box is not in the location, its place there is a trailer.
12.03.2015 06:46 Guest
Notes on inaccuracies on the map

Here traps with explosives

Here trap blades
10.03.2015 09:04 Guest
Unique sniper rifle SR-800 (the most deadly sniper rifle from the description of the patch 1.10) can be extracted from Helmut two ways:
1) steal when he sits on a bench in the center of the base; or when he stands / talking, holding SCS (in general, the rule: in the hands of Helmut sniper should not be); using reboots when I was able to steal skill "pickpocketing" 55 (agility was 9);
2) pick up off the floor when Helmut sleeping (the day he sleeps in a brick building in the southeastern part of the base); In this case, the skill "pickpocketing" generally not involved, but secrecy should not be below 85.
06.03.2015 06:14 Guest
all except npc merchants stopped talking !! what to do?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I suspect that carried away with stealing?
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
It is unlikely, otherwise traders also refused to make deals. Comrade likely a bug with Abraham.
06.03.2015 02:08 Guest
put all patchi.Vse still observed glitches

 Abraham still does not go anywhere, in a location sozhenaya farm on me nobody attacks, does not appear on an Indian graveyard ..
Guest, answer to: Guest
What is your version of the game was, and what has now become?

You may have to install patches caught the bug with Abraham: Join him and went on Copperhill?
02.03.2015 11:25 Guest
Here trap blades
Here traps with explosives and

In Vesseltaune there is a third carburetor: it is inside a yellow van, standing between the containers directly at the tap.

Audio Recording and №3 document №3 are in boxes, and do not lie on the ground.

On the map skipped (not labeled) record two (red and blue) and two documents №1 and №2. They are in the game are in the museum.

objects.set_position_free (object = data (). qi_ear_device_1 [0], x = 231.61, y = 207.54, z = 0.7, grid = "ZONE_7_BUILDING_2421_INTERIOR_GRID4")
objects.set_position_free (object = data (). qi_ear_device_2 [0], x = 231.60, y = 211.61, z = 1.3, grid = "ZONE_7_BUILDING_2421_INTERIOR_GRID4")

objects.set_position_free (object = data (). qi_paper_doc_1 [0], x = 241.63, y = 209.55, z = 0, grid = "ZONE_7_BUILDING_2421_INTERIOR_GRID1")
objects.set_position_free (object = data (). qi_paper_doc_2 [0], x = 259.69, y = 210.17, z = 0, grid = "ZONE_7_BUILDING_2421_INTERIOR_GRID1")
25.02.2015 05:50 Guest
in fact in these boxes poisonous trap
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