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13.08.2013 06:56 Guest
Primrose hill is heavily name chkeecd in War of the Worlds, and CrouchEnd features in Shaun of the Dead. (The Winchester is alas, mythical, but I could narrow it down to the street Shaun lived in Nelson Road, N8!
28.07.2012 11:11 DElf
Suren Tsormudyan "Second Chance will not "
There also can be attributed to All "Universe 2033 Meter ",
The project 'Cryostasis "- not exactly a post apocalypse, but the theme is similar.
20.05.2012 04:21 SandAdept
F.K.Dik - "The world that John built "
F.K.Dik - "The man who was able to feel "
Actions take place in the world has recovered, but there are vivid descriptions of events directly postapoklipticheskih events.
17.05.2012 04:53 Onyx
D. London - "Crimson Plague."
Postepidemik. The first book of this genre.
S. King - "Confrontation".
Postepidemik, with a fair amount of mysticism. A very distinctive style of King. A large amount.
R. Heinlein - "Fluency in Farnham."
The feudal system on the ruins of civilization, the dominance of the black race in the former USA. The emphasis on social issues.
Egorov, Pekhov - "The Last Testament."
Quite in the style of Fallout. (I like off.)
Lukyanenko - "Nuclear Dream"
Largely written off with "The Last Testament."
L. Niven, D. Purnell - "Lucifer's Hammer."
The fall of the meteorite, the collapse of civilization. On a very long entry.
J. Ellison, "Man and his dog."
The gangs, mutants, and talking dogs. The original ending.
R. Zelazny - "Cursed Valley" ("The Way the Damned").
Post-nuclear-Story Road.
D. Wyndham - "The Day of the Triffids"
Plant-eating + epidemic of blindness. The emphasis on survival and resistance to moral degradation.
S. Clark - "The Night of the Triffids"
Continued. A different style, more action.
D. Wyndham - "The deviation from the norm" ("Baby Doll", "Chrysalids")
Confrontation gifted units inert pro-religious community.
S. Lanier - "Journey Iero", "Iero is forgotten"
Adventures in a semi-fantasy world, many years after a nuclear war.
Numerous extension is much weaker.
11.04.2012 09:57 SandAdept
Well, for starters:
F.K.Dik "The Lord of Wrath"
F.K.Dik "second model"
F.K.Dik "Dr. Bladmani"
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