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15.07.2018 11:28 Unknown
Really it is opening locks. And I play for some reason did not write, or I just overlooked.

Tragedy there. Yes, the game is passable without my patch... even without Your patch too. But with them it is better, thank you.
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
What the?!... again, I protupila!.. missed!... do not write back! Excuse me (
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Well, would give you for the first repair 100 exp. But they do not make the weather.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
Anything can happen. I can do a little to the level of not enough, and the next level with increase any skill, and talent acquisition will help to stretch out the coming battle.

So we can say that no first experience, the weather does not because the little experience it gives. But little by little... and big!
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Why are you writing experience for the first repair? It was not easy to give the experience of using the console? The essence of the one.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
Once registered, always will be triggered on any mercenary.

And why play? The entire game through the console you can go.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
That edit scripts that the command in the console - there is a Scam.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
I think someone just forgot to put the experience beyond repair. I don't see any reason not to do it. Almost all of the first steps give XP - the repair of weapons worse than others?

If we are to be quite honest, Derfflinger mod - cheating, as ruled by the scripts of the original game from the developers.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Possible to forget one time, a maximum of two times. A code that would give experience for the repair of arms or of the car, missing as many as THREE places:, and
His absence is a conscious decision of the developers.

Derfflinger does not facilitate the game, unlike your edits.
15.07.2018 05:36 Unknown
And for the first repair of weapons experience then and there! Had to finish! I think the developers missed this point... or not so?
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