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08.10.2020 11:17 BrainRipper
If you can't see my messages, turn the site language to Russian.
08.10.2020 11:12 BrainRipper
05.10.2020 07:28 Guest
Has anyone been able to get the DERFFLINGER patch/mod to work with the German DVD release of Reloaded 1.10.1?

The Fall: Last days of gaia - Derfflinger mod ver. 7.4 (9.10.2007)

It's for v1.10, but it says only for the Russian edition. I tried installing it, and the game no longer works, stating:

E-FAIL : An undetermined error occurred

It's difficult to understand the instructions, since it's in Russian, and Google Translate does a poor job translating to English. It says it's only for the Russian version, and foreign language versions won't work, but it repeatedly makes reference to correct severe bugs in the German edition. Which would only make sense if it could be installed in the German edition.

I'd really like to get this mod working, since not only does it correct a lot of severe or critical game bugs, but it also introduces a large amount of cool new crafting recipes!

Is it possible to force this patch to work with the German version?
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01.09.2020 10:05 GombaPorkolt
I'm writing a short story which aims at expanding the lore behind the game and the origins of the catastrophe! :D I try to keep the whole story as lore-friendly and as integrated in the game's world as possible. I don't know how long it will be, currently it's 4 pages long, I think it will span some 20+ pages when done. Woudl any of you be interested in it when it's finished (finish date yet unknown, as I only write when I have inspiration for it!)? It's in English, of course.
FloatWave, answer to: GombaPorkolt
Sure, let us see it on blog section once it's ready!
Guest, answer to: GombaPorkolt
11.08.2020 03:56 Guest
Please tell me where to get the file compatibility with Windows 10?
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