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11.11.2019 10:00 Guest
I finished all game on hardest difficulty with gun-type of a party. That is: small/big guns, one explosives expert and only one sniper - I did not train sneaking at all.

final battle - part 11
08.11.2019 07:39 Guest
driving a buggy
25.10.2019 06:19 Guest
Can this guide site somehow be downloaded in case the creator dies (or other reasons leading to the site takedown)
Guest, answer to: Guest
great offer. I would like to have an offline version
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
To delete a site I will not. On the contrary, there is a desire to update it. But the time available is not find.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Specifically to do the offline version, I will not. But you can always use programs like Teleport Pro to download the entire site to use offline.
24.10.2019 12:50 FloatWave
So I finally made some time and finished the article I was preparing :) You can now find it in Blog section
FloatWave, answer to: FloatWave
Website translates the headline as "падение знания" that is wrong. Original title is referring to the game "The Fall" - "Lore" in English
08.10.2019 09:08 Guest
my new gameplay trailer:

The Fall - Last Days of Gaia - gameplay trailer
my video about graphic settings:

The Fall - Last Days of Gaia - graphic settings / grafické nastavení
26.09.2019 10:26 FloatWave
Our community Discord dedicated to The Fall: Last Days of Gaia:
You can join to chat with us about the game, modding, your playthroughs and more.
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