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23.04.2021 01:44 Guest
Please tell me. After the end of the effect of the Anabolic steroid, a penalty appeared - 2 strength. How to remove this penalty. I can’t find the info anywhere.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
If the Derfflinger 7.4 patch / mod has not been installed, then the penalty will remain forever (even if you install this patch / mod now).
10.04.2021 11:31 Guest
Please send any codes for this answer :/ discord cannot connect me :( my email to send is
FloatWave, answer to: Guest
Ok, I sent you an email with some information about the console.
04.04.2021 03:16 Guest
Can i spawn NPCS or Enemies ? Please code :/
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
In theory, yes, but in practice it will be difficult. Can be discussed, but not here.
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
Guest, answer to: NeiroN
Please send your profile on discord I find you and type message to you
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
19.02.2021 12:36 BrainRipper
Sergey A. Zhukov, replace them with the files "Fix v6 05/05/2017 (BrainRipper)" and "Derfflinger mod ver. 7.4 (9.10.2007) patch v5 05/05/2017 (BrainRipper)" here https: // ru / files / mods /
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