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19.02.2024 10:04 Guest
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11.02.2024 01:05 Guest
11.02.2024 07:30 Unknown
Hello. Russian speakers, maybe someone has Discord? I added the old DT21 helmet back into the game... and also without the icon in the inventory and the texture when equipped. I could show what I did and show the result. Maybe someone will explain what I did wrong. I really want to return all the old armor to the game and play. esardukar#8507
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
"Inside the old .diff3d file from version 1.9, I cant reassign the texture. Surely this needs to be done somehow? I dont understand how to edit it... and with what."
08.02.2024 07:53 Guest
judging by the mod you can add items, again how to do it NeiroN/ modding topic in the section
Unknown, answer to: Guest
Thank you. I know what I can add. I read these blogs myself seven years ago. I myself added the old version of the DT21 helmet to the game seven years ago. But he did something wrong; the helmet was not displayed on his head. I couldn't find the error myself. At the time, no one paid attention to my blog comment. At that time, no one wanted to help me find the mistake. Now the question was different. Does anyone know how to add items correctly?
07.02.2024 08:01 Unknown
Hello. Or you can add a new item (an old item from the previous version) to the game. I tried once, but I can't. On the blog - My first mod was written already in July 2017. No one responded.
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
I didnt put a question mark after the first sentence... I want to ask, can someone add items?
06.02.2024 12:30 Guest registration is not available?
12.01.2024 05:43 Guest
Thanks for the work
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