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BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Exceptions to the General rule really is. Don't give experience for a combination of explosives from fertilizer, in the first car repairs. In krasnorechie for "humor" and "learning".

For the first tuning and ointments for the experience given.

And something I don't see your indignation for 500 exp, which can get anyone who will sit on the driver's seat, despite the fact that his skill is below 55.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
But what I added, it is possible that confusing... okay.
Need to install the game and check.
Experience driving for the first fix I can't, and offer something that can help. With the first driving everyone or anyone at all. I've chosen all.
What about attribute Charisma? For example, Francis... basic 10 minus 3 (feature Ugly) = 7. For the autogeneration you can get and 13. What's that?! Why as much as 6 points put to attribute absolutely no need Francis?! If it's not a bug, it is certainly very thoughtless coding. With Charisma, I can accept only Carmen and Henry.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
It's when you generate your own character "Ugly" received -3 to the base value of the charisma.

As for the mercenaries from the first location, other rules (written in the file
big Ivan
strength +3 agility +2 intelligence -3 charisma -2
small - Lin
mobility +3 dexterity +2 figure -3 strength -2
strong - Vasquez
strength +3 dexterity +2 charisma -3 agility -2
strength +3 physique +2 intelligence -3 charisma -2
muscular Agnes
figure +3 agility +2 strength -3 agility -2
dexterity +3 physique +2 strength -3 charisma -2
beautiful Carmen
charisma +3 intelligence +2 strength -2 -3 figure
ugly - Francis
intellect +3 agility +2 strength -3 agility -2

This is the decision of the developers.

"With the first driving everyone or anyone at all. I have chosen for myself is all."

To be honest, if you sit behind the wheel only when the skill is not below 55. Even if the skill is temporarily raised due to the talent of "High morals". And to put in the beginning of the game all in a row - fierce cheat.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
I agree with Driving.
With the generation of mercenaries when first loaded, the first location is not so obvious. Every time generated different values in some interval. I disagree that the characteristics are valid only for the main character. I am very sorry that there is likelihood of loss as much six valuable points for the development of attributes at Francis and some others.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Features apply to mercenaries. Just bonuses and penalties to primary attributes because of the type of appearance they have DIFFERENT.

"Every time generated different values in some interval."

It depends in particular on the level of experience of the mercenary. The sum of all attributes is equal to 70 plus 1 for each level above the first.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
Well, I think that's not fair, as the experience of driving. Some random game dispenses on useless Charisma points.
Okay, okay, You don't want that to change. Just going to enjoy myself. Thanks for the discussion.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
And the fact that Ivan, Vasquez and Butch have low charisma, you do not mind?
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Or that Carmen's intelligence is high, not low? Or high figure of Butch? Etc., etc..
12.07.2018 05:58 BrainRipper
"Question to those who have implemented such tools is quite natural."

Because SIG mode cutoff and SIG in the queue are two different types of weapons.

'weapon_id_history' I found at once, and 'weapon_type_history' is overlooked. And I was planning to give advice to use the console (F11) and edit the save game.

objects.get_attribute('MERCENARY_BUTCH', 'weapon_type_history')

Exit the game, go to %appdata%Silver Style EntertainmentThe Fall - Last Days of Gaia

Open tracefile.log, copy the value of the parameter weapon_type_history in brackets, open file python_history, add the line
objects.set_attribute('MERCENARY_BUTCH', 'weapon_type_history',)

Almost at the end of the string between the comma and closing bracket, add the copied value of the parameter in braces, to edit and save.
In the game call the console F11, pressing up or down to display the last saved command. To run.

"Next, as for my fixes: the solution to smart weapons for 5 rounds frags put in the weapon for 3 rounds and deleted data on SIG with 5 cartridges. In the section type the same manipulation."

About the partition type clear, but the section id number of kills from the old arms due to the correction of half-integer must be copied to the new.
For example, from a mode with a cutoff of 10 was killed, switching back to the queue, killed 20 more. In this case, SIG_SG_552 should be 10 enemies killed, and for SIG_SG_552_AUTO - 30 enemies.
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
All right. But I think a logic test, logic tells me that the change firing mode weapons to other that becomes. It's still the same gun, no matter how pull the ears some kind of explanation. And if the edge cases want to be adorned with 2 of the inscription about one gun, but with different firing modes, so maybe writing then weapon_type_history in two DIFFERENT rows, and no two are the same? With interference (subjectively my opinion), but it would be far more logical than the player sits and thinks "Gee, what is that? I train with one gun shot, and I have a history of murder, two of them... and equally it is written," XS guys, I denounced the idea, deem it necessary, and possible obkashlyat this issue in a future patch, why not. The game is good, and for a while it will still be interesting in narrow circles. Like when fallout 2.
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