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NeiroN, answer to: Guest
This is where it can take a long time. There is a telegram group:
24.03.2022 11:28 Guest
Ran into a problem in the Garden of Eden quest with Abraham. For some reason, his group, when they appear in a location, stands still and does not follow the player's group. Can I somehow restart or debug this quest? He became unfulfilled.
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
Are you playing without the unofficial patch?
23.03.2022 08:10 Guest
Thanks a lot.
23.03.2022 10:00 Guest
Good morning, guys. Again, it's not clear to me. objects.create_item_in_inventory("ALTER_EGO",10*["SET_AMMOPACK_2_12_QB_8"]) What am I writing wrong, is it reinforced 2"12 cal.?
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
The name of the ammo is incorrect. Required: SET_AMMOPACK_2_12_MM_QB_8
20.03.2022 08:37 Guest
How do I get into the guest house at NPN headquarters?
20.03.2022 11:18 Guest
I've dealt with a bug in the Retskul drug courier machine. It occurs if you somehow interact with the machine. It is enough to apply skills on it, look at it or just see it on the monitor. Then two drug couriers get stuck in Layla's trailer and nothing can get them out of there without loading the save. This error can be corrected by studying and modifying all scripts for the behavior of the drug truck, its passengers, and the very behavior with the trailer.
19.03.2022 12:49 Guest
So there is no patch. Only using the console.
17.03.2022 01:46 Guest
Tell me a patch for the quest with the retskul drug lab. They don't drive their pickup truck. I can’t meet them at all to find out the password. How to fix this bug?
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