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15.07.2018 11:28 Unknown
Really it is opening locks. And I play for some reason did not write, or I just overlooked.

Tragedy there. Yes, the game is passable without my patch... even without Your patch too. But with them it is better, thank you.
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
What the?!... again, I protupila!.. missed!... do not write back! Excuse me (
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Well, would give you for the first repair 100 exp. But they do not make the weather.
15.07.2018 05:36 Unknown
And for the first repair of weapons experience then and there! Had to finish! I think the developers missed this point... or not so?
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
For the first repair is not the message "so-and-So character the first time successfully repair a weapon."
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
Yes, and experience were not given, and there was no message.
And for the lock first time experience give, and the message is not written.
And def on_repair_vehicle I don't see a line about the experience... and in the script and talent are not spelled out number. In about what I was saying on the car the first time do not give.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
Really? The line is:
add_global_text( id='PC_FIRST_TIME_OPEN_LOCK', text="""%(char)s for the first time successfully breaks the lock of %(exp)d XP.""")

Well, do not give experience on the repair and what? I, too, a tragedy of universal scale. The game is still passable.
14.07.2018 04:11 Unknown
No, Ivan, Vasquez and Butch and not have to have high Charisma, they use brute force (although sometimes they can be unnecessary unity Charisma, if not two... but not 6!). Butch should be large and strong with high Strength and Physique. About Carmen, my Intelligence is good, but, more often, it still generates stupid. But the criticism about her of course accepted, need not be subjective.
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
So, again, do not write back. Hard for me with a Smartphone. This is All to the previous topic.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
But you yourself earlier said that mercenaries should apply the same rules as for the generation of the protagonist. Ivan, Vasquez and Butch are not ugly, so charisma, by your previous logic, they can be 10-13.
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