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24.11.2022 11:41 Guest
Hi all! Is it possible to teleport a character to certain coordinates?
22.11.2022 10:28 Guest
Tell me, how much does the laser target designator increase accuracy?
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
One and a half times.
17.11.2022 03:52 Guest
The same thing happened to the car yesterday. I stopped on the road and that's it, I had to boot to an earlier save and quickly find out the password and clean up the drug lab. Now I carry two backpacks with me, or rather two cars :)
09.11.2022 03:47 Guest
Good day. The Ratskull car glitched in Casa Verde, then the bus door glitched - okay, it happens. In both cases, the console solved the problem. But now you can’t get into a pickup truck, instead of an action, there is a description of the car. Can this be cured or is it dead? I know about other cars, I just would like to make a personal garage)
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
NeiroN, answer to: NeiroN
and probably objects.set_immortal_state('DRUGCAR',False) if the script didn't work
Guest, answer to: NeiroN
The fact is that when you hover the mouse over a drug pickup, a steering wheel icon appears. But after clicking, the steering wheel disappears until reboot and changes by eye
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
This means that something has gone wrong in the script and the system considers that the building has not been completed, in general 2 commands are enough - to create a wheelbarrow and allow it to be controlled (here they are in one line of code): [system.create_object('SET_PICKUP', object.get_x('ALTER_EGO '), object.get_y('ALTER_EGO'), "MY_PICKUP", DIR_SOUTH),objects.set_attribute('MY_PICKUP','accepted_drivers',['UISPIELER'])]
21.10.2022 01:21 Guest
Thank you, I understood the mistake, I forgot to enter the coordinates forever
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