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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thanks! :) I am doubly pleased that my work was not in vain, and that someone else is using the site. Also many thanks to the BrainRipper user for his patches and attention to the questions on the site. Without him, it seems to me, this site would not have survived so much! I also tried to remake the site, and even began to transfer the game to another engine. At first I just wanted to change the engine to a modern one, and then do something of my own. But alas, life has changed, family, child and a lot of work. All ideas remained just ideas :(
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
"At first I just wanted to change the engine to a modern one" - if I could even transfer the game to the same unit, I think it would solve the problems. doable. TEC is still more popular than the game FALL. Yes, the same classic Folich is still more popular. Ehh. I still will not stop blaming the crooked developers. It's the developers' fault that this happened to the game. This is a lesson for modern indie developers. Not necessarily striving for mega grafonu on anrial injen 45th, the main thing is to straighten your hands, and at least leave something like a toolkit behind you.
22.09.2021 11:00 Guest
Good evening. Tell me how to get to Mike Bellins' location?
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
In a conversation with the inventor in the village of Dustville (this is the northwest of the New Safford location), choose the phrase "this is sheer extravagance."
28.08.2021 07:09 Guest
how heal negative effect of creatine, -2 strength all game
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
The previous page says.
16.08.2021 05:26 Guest
Wow, it's sudden and great to see people still playing. Please tell me, maybe someone added to the game the function of respawning enemies? After a complete passage, there is absolutely nothing to do, and this is depressing.
NeiroN, answer to: Guest
Hardly anyone did. I appreciated the amount of code - to make dynamic quests - long and dreary. I have no desire to do this.
Guest, answer to: NeiroN
This is strange because even in the most ancient games there is a function of reviving opponents. It is a pity that the developers released a raw game, and due to its unpopularity, there are no mods for it. On the replay of the same AtomRPG, neither I nor my friends had enough interest, and the fall was something that strongly hooked
22.07.2021 06:15 Guest
Hello, tell me, with an intelligence of 20, a brain implant becomes useless or distribution points will give more than 14?
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