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Modification of the game - shooting tank

NeiroN 28.08.2017 | Comments (4)

I have long wanted to make the tank in this game was shot.

And finally dispersed laziness did.

How it works: Sit in a tank to select it for control and clicking right-click on the place in front of the tank - will shoot.

The arc of fire from 12 to 60m 20 degrees.


Network mod

NeiroN 25.08.2017 | Comments (0)

If anyone tried to link the two game worlds of different customers?

Is there a scripting language like Python there is a module sockets.

The basic algorithm is this:

1. The game loads and starts the server as a task with the update after a certain interval.

2. The client connects and sinhroniziruete server base variables of quests - starts the job by sending their coordinates on the server, and objects

BrainRipper 13.06.2017 | Comments (4)

Skills and characteristics - Advanced

FloatWave 18.02.2017 | Comments (19)


This post is a follow-up to the article "Skills and characteristics" in the Knowledge base. I hope you'll like it

Values in this article can be outdated, please write corrections in the comments of this post :) 

Quick note: I would like to celebrate 10 years of site being here for us! Woohoo! Of course, big thanks to Sergey and the Russian community for all of it. This is not much living website, but it always been here for us, when we played this nostalgic gem. 


The idea about the camouflage

comAT0Zz 09.08.2015 | Comments (1)
I tossed the idea of

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