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What happened to the world - The Fall: Lore

FloatWave 24.10.2019 | Comments (3)

This article is dedicated to research on the game's world building. I went through old official materials and also game's source code to find the most accurate answer to the question: What happened to the world? Here are my findings...

Things written in [ ] brackets are notes made by me, the rest of it is taken directly from the sources. Hope you'll enjoy it!

I recommend switching website to English and reading this article in English mode if you can. The Russian translation doesn't work very well with this text.

(Also check out my other article: Skills and characteristics - Advanced)


Interesting/good-to-know facts about the game/mechanics

GombaPorkolt 22.05.2019 | Comments (8)

So as me and my friend have been playing this game over and over again for quite some time now, I have decided to collect all the (not-so-well-known) info and data we have collected so far. This list may be incomplete and will be expanded both here and in the comments section when we find some new interesting mechanics or stats for the game.


It is important to mention that I run the vanilla game, unmodded, so all of these exploits are present in the vanilla version. More or less may be available depending on the mod(s) you have installed; I have never modded the game.


NOTE: These strategies/data are 100% valid and able to be pulled off (albeit not all of them are easy!) and come from many separate characters/playthroughs. Validations for the tips/data/tricks listed here:

Game modification

NeiroN 16.09.2018 | Comments (3)

Do to be able to store loot in containers

First you need to decide what objects are containers - and they can be(logically) something to hide all kinds of boxes, cabinets, camode.

I made a test map for this - just to show these items that you can put your loot:

Скриншот контейнеров

If you add to them a random item, then poking around in the garbage will be so much more interesting. While eksperementiruyu with chances and items.

Modification of the game - shooting tank

NeiroN 28.08.2017 | Comments (17)

I have long wanted to make the tank in this game was shot.

And finally dispersed laziness did.

How it works: Sit in a tank to select it for control and clicking right-click on the place in front of the tank - will shoot.

The arc of fire from 12 to 60m 20 degrees.


Network mod

NeiroN 25.08.2017 | Comments (0)

If anyone tried to link the two game worlds of different customers?

Is there a scripting language like Python there is a module sockets.

The basic algorithm is this:

1. The game loads and starts the server as a task with the update after a certain interval.

2. The client connects and sinhroniziruete server base variables of quests - starts the job by sending their coordinates on the server, and objects

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