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27.09.2019 07:23 Guest
The theme is dedicated to the creation of a remake the first mission of the game Soldiers of Anarchy in the editor The Fall. If someone is interested leave comments, I will try to answer.
26.09.2019 11:06 FloatWave
Good tips. I also very want The Fall 2 :)
28.08.2019 04:44 Guest
Want The Fall 2 )
02.08.2019 11:35 GombaPorkolt
Sorry, I corrected my article accordingly (removed the Explosives part and corrected the Intelligence boost). For the others, I leave them in the comments section, as I made it clear in the beginning of the blog post that it's worth checking out the comments section as well ;) So as not to have the same info in 2 places. But thank you so much for the support and for answering my questions in the Guest Book too, your help was important for me to be able to finish the game in my Apocalyptic no death run!
01.08.2019 11:59 BrainRipper
Why don't you consider my amendment?
29.05.2019 07:26 BrainRipper
There is no drug that temporarily increases the intelligence or physique, so it makes no sense to take them before getting the next level.
24.05.2019 10:56 BrainRipper
"1) throws all reach..."

1) throws a throwing knife, javelin, shuriken reach...
24.05.2019 10:53 BrainRipper

To exchange from traders 1-to-1 would require the skill "trade" and the following value:
9 charisma, eloquence 95
13 charisma, eloquence, 87
16 charisma, eloquence, 83
19 charisma, eloquence, 80
20 charisma, eloquence, 76
Therefore, charisma is higher than 9 is not needed, the desired effect can be achieved by lifting the eloquence (and to raise it it is advisable to get the talent in it).
Note: the difference between eloquence 76 and 95 - only 2 level of experience, and between 9 and 20 charisma - as much as 11 levels.
If talent is "trade" not, even with a 20 charisma and eloquence 99 exchange would be 1.2:1, ie not very advantageous (for example, you have to give items 12.e. to buy the goods for 10).
The same course (1.2:1) will be at 9 charisma, eloquence and talent 85 "trade".

To get a 10% discount on your next transaction, buy goods worth$ 1 and pay item cost 2$ or higher (the required cost of your product depends on the skill of "eloquence"). The merchant in this case I would say: "Great bargain! You're a really good client, come again, and next time I'll give you a bonus."

To destroy enemies in one shot, you must have the talent "steady throw" the skill "throwing weapons" 75 talent "camouflage" (camouflage) to the skill "sniper weapons".

When the enemy cannot see you:
1) all shots reach the goal with a probability of 100%;
2) enemy (humanoid) dies with one hit of the knife, dart, shuriken with a probability of 100%.

If the enemy sees you, act normal rules:
standard damage from projectile weapons;
the ability to miss.

Quest disposal 4 C4 bombs in the location of "Hidden cave" is optional, i.e. it can not run. The bombs are guaranteed to neutralized the skill 70.
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