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15.09.2018 10:52 NeiroN
And I do sawing your own version of the game, adding what I want. The preservation of lot, in containers by drag and drop. Also thinking of making spawn loot and bandits at the entrances to areas. Ie the drawers and the trash will reappear stuff, the safes are closed on two opposite edges appear to be a group of bandits with a certain probability. And so on. Maybe experience for the first make repairs.
FloatWave, answer to: NeiroN
NeiroN, answer to: FloatWave
so far have only made the folding loot. For the rest no clear terms of what to add, how to add conditions, the probability when the safes close as it is to keep track of what they need to close?
I will upload to the blog developments, and his entire version of the game on Yandex disk.
30.07.2018 06:55 Guest
Please help - in Casa Verde, after the penetration, by using the overheard password, I can not kill some guard, they are immortal, those that go along the fence and at the gate. Shoot was after the approach to captives and the comments of SG that you need to remove the protection before release. To run started just after entering the area. Prior to this failures.

In tracefile.log has the following lines:

Traceback (most recent call last):
>>> File "E:GamesThe Fall - Last Days of", line 1538, in rsWacheJoinsEnemies
>>> objects.set_immortal_state(retskull, False)
>>> File "source/python/object2.cpp", line 1521, in ?
>>> ValueError: object not found 'ENEMY_FORT_G13'

1. DVD edition of the game here -

2. Patch v1.10 for the DVD version (from the same).

3. Derfflinger mod ver. 7.4 (9.10.2007) here.

4. The_Fall_LDoG_fix_for_Derfflinger_74_v6 - taken -
BrainRipper, answer to: Guest
Should be AutoSave at the entrance to the location.
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
The difficulty was solved by reopening, i.e. calling for the first time from a previous save at camp desert monks, also in the first lap. Could be that you have not yet sold the quest pieces of paper affected, or save was broken. Yes, make a bad save was at almost the same structure, only the game itself was installed from Repack The Fall Last Days of Gaia / The Fall Last days of peace. [RePack] [RUS] by SxSxL.
Guest, answer to: BrainRipper
And yet, this time, the bug wiretaps produced before they came to the gate of labs.
Unknown, answer to: Guest
Here I also SxSxL. Only one bug can now recall (I about it already spoke), the traders disappear the whole range of if a lot of stuff from the finders to sell them.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
To Repack all the files match the original, it is made a DVD version with patch 1.10. The only thing that SxSxL reason, did your installers patches/mods Derrflinger. It Uninstaller the mod Derfflinger 7.4 curve: reason unpacks archives scripts.ubn and zones.ubn, and then packages them back. Then how to remove the mod only had to delete 5 folders:
data, gui, patch, scripts, zones
18.07.2018 11:35 BrainRipper
The game went a million patches, but none added learning experience for the first repair.

I'm not saying that the extra 100 exp will make the game simple. But even 100 exp - profits, and illegal profiting is cheating.

You don't even know how much equity to give for the first repair.

"A bonus for uniforms not easy game?
Backpacks are not making the game easier?"

In fashion Derfflinger some additions simplify the game, some complicated.
There is no information (or incorrect) about the characteristics of weapons and items, yet not pumped skills.
A loaded gun weighs more.

"The brain implant does not facilitate the game?"

He's not informed Casa Verde and most importantly, requires to build as many as 99 technology. At the same time, swing technique above 75 (for talent "repair weapon") profitable. Ie, swing technique to 99, we will not be able to pump other skills.

"The inventory slots in the racks transport easier just gameplay"

The trunks of the cars exist regardless of whether the installation of the mod Derfflinger.
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