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01.01.2018 03:39 Kot666
unfortunately I don't know how to create mods but the toy is really like. So I would like to add two cars Dodge RAM with 42 slots for tools and a truck with 96 slots for inventory. in locations freight station near the Petrol tank to supply the dealer with canisters of gasoline. Thank you to those who can do it and put here)))
26.08.2017 01:44 NeiroN
Picking settings recently and found that the tank can shoot, but it's not configured and not documented, but is present as other attributes of the vehicle.

The attributes of fire(after max_riseangle):

if to translate from the German very curious.
can someone poked SoA and something similar is?

Also in the tank and pickup is Noda Dummy_muzzleflash

suggesting the possibility of shots
12.08.2015 04:38 Guest
> Almost all of it was in the previous game the company - Soldiers of Anarchy. Therefore, when the output of The Fall I expected that there would be all this technology. But they were limited to only wheeled vehicles :(

and from SoA really pull in the transport LDOG?
12.03.2015 12:12 Guest
Transport in the game is normal, the only thing to do: to machines not rested on the invisible texture (often leaves 1 meter, and sometimes more, to the obstacle and a fig about him strike))
06.01.2014 12:26 Guest
mode of transport and a submarine battleship :) :)
12.07.2013 12:30 Guest
The game has a lot of auto parts, why not make subject to repair an existing in-game vehicles (SEM Dodge, Chevy Camaro, motorcycles, tractors, bulldozers and tractor with a wagon). It would be fun - collect and gather the parts of a normal metal wheelbarrow.
03.05.2013 12:48 heruvimus1914
for sure. A motorcycle can revive? because he like and with animation, and Mr. prizedent on it goes. how can it be anything to add to the transport, so you can ride it?
03.03.2013 02:31 Unknown
Probably just a bike ... fuel in the game world is still going to end sooner or later, and the bike can be endlessly twist.
05.11.2012 10:23 SandAdept
Cars in the game and are quite good. If you add, the variety and of course, with an eye to the subject of the game. With regard to all sorts of aviation have nowhere to fly, and the cost of this technique in terms of return will be too large (given the decline of production). Armored buses, such as airliners between cities (by moving between areas) would be appropriate. Possible to add trains to transport goods (or rather, the export warehouse stocks). But I expect to see in the game motorcycles (which he washed off the antihero does not count), actually in the trailers game development has been shown manipulating the bike, but "play " they were not given.
05.11.2012 03:02 zsrg
Almost all of it was in the previous game of this company - Soldiers of Anarchy. Therefore, when the output of The Fall, and I expect that it will have all the technique. But they are limited to only wheeled equipment: (
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