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09.08.2017 02:04 BrainRipper
I know about this trick, but never use because I think unfairly.
08.08.2017 07:31 FloatWave
So I translated it via Yandex.
Great tips, I learned some new tricks
I know one more good trick: Make every person in team to sit once in drivers seat. First time driving (even when character doesn't have high enough skill) gives 500xp. In early game its a free level up
08.08.2017 04:38 BrainRipper
Have you tried to open the article in Russian language, copy the text and paste paragraphs into Google Translate to automatically translate into Czech?
06.08.2017 10:17 FloatWave
Sadly I don't see your article in english. It's only visible in russian. Can I fix it somehow? I would love to read it
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