Derfflinger mod ver. 7.4 (9.10.2007)

patch for Russian version of The Fall: Last Days of Gaia

Attention! Next game behavior is not an error: during the launch window installer preparing to install keeps VERY MUCH time (going up in the Windows \ temp, not a quick process). Report it is not necessary. Radeon 9xxx owner should keep in mind that if the game is very often has to fall out with the message VPU Recover, then this is the problem of German release. There are cases of this trouble that helps Catalyst 5.4 (possibly that the Catalyst 6.2 fixed the problem)

patch is for version as of aprgreyda russifitsirovat Russobita, think it is ver 1.10ru (slightly modified the original 1.10 to Russian translation for foreign language translations of the patch will not work). Current patch adds some useful funkitsonalnost and fixes minor bugs Germans. Patches are cumulative, always (regardless of what it was a patch, or you have nepatchenny release) is enough to put one, the latest version . There are no intermediate revisions not and never will (win 1-2 at 500 kbps kilobyte file does not justify the occupied space). For version 1.9ru intended Patches 6th version, the latter has the number 6.2.

also know that If you have a user name is a symbol quotes ('), then you will not be able to load / save of the game. Saves are at c: \ Documents and Settings \ [USER NAME] \ Application Data \ Silver Style Entertainment \ The Fall - Last Days of Gaia \ savegames, and if somewhere there is a quote, it is perceived as the end of the line, and the game is lost. Solution: change the name directory. For example, make a new user and play beneath it.

main content patches - 264 kilobyte diff file. This diff file "applied" to the contents of the directory zones and scripts (lie in the files zones.ubn and scripts.ubn). If suddenly there is a problem in the process of patched, then look for files. rej in the directories / zones and / scripts, they can help to overcome difficulty. If you have any suspicion of improper installation of the patch, then reinstall (Restart) it with the "write logs to a file, which will allow more accurate consider what is happening. When using daw "pack" should be considered that when you install the following patch on top of potential problems, so it makes sense reinstall the game or at least remove the patch before installing the new patch.

Istalyator may interfere with some desktop managers (In particular the X-Prize).

SIGNS installed patches:

  1. When installing the patch will not encouraged to create a new directory.
  2. When you start in the first screen after screen saver in the bottom left corner should be written: The Fall, Derfflinger mod 7.4.
  3. installer did not receive an error message.
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