Derfflinger mod ver. 7.4 (9.10.2007) path v5 05.05.2017 (BrainRipper)

Fix of Russian patch version of The Fall: Last Days of Gaia

To play The Fall: Last Days of Gaia v1.10 patch there is an amateur / mod Derfflinger 7.4. In it he admitted some mistakes and imperfections, some of which I have corrected.

Warning! only version 7.4. Compatibility including to Freedom Mod 2.0. (updated 05.05.2017)

  1. Miniature battery is required for the Assembly of brain implant was absent in the game. Now you can get it as a gift from NPC with talent, "humor" or steal at the talent "inside pocket".
  2. Fixed missing tooltip on the muffler.
  3. Returned to the trunk of a dark blue pickup truck.
  4. Fixed missing sound of shooting from the grenade launcher BG-15.
  5. Fixed bug in voice acting from the main firing barrel M4A1 rifles with underbarrel shotguns (instead of the queue heard the sound of firing from grenade launcher M203).
  6. Fixed missing animation when a rocket-propelled grenade fired from an underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher.

Corrections as of February 8, 2016:

  1. fixed missing animation when you break the 20-mm and 25-mm grenades.
  2. Fixed the cost of the Micro Uzi with silencer, AK-74 and the M16 with the grenade launcher and HK G41 rifle Browning c (cost prefab weapons must consist of the value of its components).

Corrections from the may 9, 2016:

  1. fixed a bug with the calculation of the mass of water in the flasks, bottles and cans: now a liter of water weighs 1 kg again as in the original game.
  2. Fixed a bug with the calculation of the protection level of the character with the combination of the armor elements of different classes (protection fell as much as up to 1 or Vice versa, was considerably inflated).

Correction of March 7, 2017:

  1. Added fixes from half-integer.
  2. Fixed weight wearing a backpack.
  3. Fixed a couple of typos.

Hotfix dated may 5, 2017:

  1. Added helpers file.pyc for Freedom Mod 2.0.

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