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02.04.2017 07:09 BrainRipper
When pumping driving, as well when one-time tuning of the car increases only the speed of the drive in the location. And the speed of the car when moving between locations and, consequently, the time spent on the road, remain the same.
31.03.2017 10:18 BrainRipper
"+Enter the landing on the car when exiting, so as not to run him through the entire map. Fit well would not hold at a time, and preparedness."

In fashion Derfflinger - Ctrl-T

"?Distract=to stalk? If they are equal in effectiveness, then why download both?"

"Distracted" gives a bonus when stealing from the front, to "sneak up" behind.
A female thief is better to take to deceive.

"Tuning and maneuverability. Perhaps reduce the movement between locations, but why?"

Tuning saves fuel when driving on the location.

"Petrol (blue bar) is not wasted"

Spent a while driving around the location.

"A neat ride: don't see health decreases when you voyage without the talent."

I mean not the characters ' health and the "health" of the car. You can take the place of talent, "car repair".
08.01.2015 04:00 Guest
Gun under 7.62mmr not enough
02.02.2014 04:42 Guest
game super seriously proshol 3 times, even as it hurt like the game to continue and was sorry that the game can not be used to exchange items Toko I obroschayus to you our dear Library Developer to you again potrateli their time making the continuation of the game and had to play the same Well of course the heroes can add new graphics so good landshavta review itself is just gorgeous thanks for that game came out and it may soon appear on your computer budushem sequel to thank you for your attention
17.06.2013 11:05 SandAdept
I apologize for the typos, this post scored tired)
17.06.2013 11:02 SandAdept
If I'm not confused, it was already offer similar. In any case, the idea is suitable. In my opinion, any idea that makes the game more realistic for mods. Added by yourself, you can limit the number of additional "bags" and increase their prevalence in the game. For example, one bag of any type, vest, dopolnitelnaye bags (attached to the feet or over the shoulder). Now, about the "ozhivanie": I looked E3 ... gray everything, even the announcement nekstgenov not impressed. Therefore, once again I want to say: do not grafonchikom one! A fashion no doubt draw attention to the old games, and I note that it usually is rarely content-fashion plan. Well, I must say that the problem remains the same: we all have ideas fully, but there is no one to implement them for the time being)
29.05.2013 03:37 Guest
Yet the first thing to "otmodnichat" - at inventory! Dull cells is a nightmare. I suggest not to go and not to go and take a sample of JA2 v1.13 added there vests and unloading, backpacks, handbags, in short everything is beautiful and as it should! And, you can team them with mods (bear `s pit-seems) to communicate, so the code can be ready to take on! Will talk to adapt and I am sure will come to life Ze-Fal new, unprecedented colors!
15.10.2012 05:12 SandAdept
AI opponents really sad. Here it is necessary to deepen and add or miscalculation dangerous opponent and so on., Or mimic, and divide enemies and team player on the team and there scatter goal.
15.10.2012 05:06 SandAdept
By Camouflage easier to add components stealth armor option and if assembled kit to add a bonus (good fit things, nothing tinkles and does not interfere). You can even count on the basis of color areas.
Survival Skills: The skills really are not particularly useful, but if you enter the meeting generated (eg patrols near the bases, etc.), the skill "play dead " can play a role in organizing an ambush on the road. Here and masking kakraz of place. Naprime part of a detachment "hidden ", and the "corpse " gets a bonus stealth skill due to the addition of pretense and disguise (eg sprinkled themselves with sand, smeared in blood and more). I agree about the fires. Generally very interesting holiday depicted in the game, but lacks such stalls or the things themselves, which are displayed at rest. Poidee they must carry with them.
Of humor: you can remove the "poproschaynichestvo ", but to use such skill as in Risen, to laugh it off if caught while cleaning pockets and so on.
Generally, if you implement the random events (including locations when moving), it also smaller patches can measure. The main problem of the game, I think, is the lack of prospects to play after passing syuzhetki. But as I have written.
16.09.2012 03:37 UP1347
And yet it is unclear how the driver pumped fuel economy. All the time at high speed drives or what? It would introduce camouflage in the game. Or as in "Yaga " (paint), or as in the game "Hammer and Sickle " (where each type has its own uniform bonus to stealth).
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