NameWeightCost NameWeightCost
AAC Brochure0.10Activated Carbon0.12
Alarm Horn0.32Alcohol Can0.22
Ammonium Nitrate0.22Angelica0.24
Antelope Pelt78Antidote0.25
Apple + Valium0.26Baker's List0.20
Basic Picklock0.115Battery0.0248
Bear Claws0.015Bear Skin825
Bear Teeth0.015Beeswax0.20
Begging Letter0.20Belt0.22
Bicycle Seat0.50Big Bag0.22
Big Key0.20BIGUCHU12
Bison Meat520Bison Skin1520
Black Object0.22Board Game0.520
Bottle of Booze0.515Bottle of Gasoline0.65
Bottle of Hooch0.24Bottle of Todd's Special Booze0.22
Bottle of Whiskey0.520Broken Chain0.20
Broken Ghetto Blaster22Broken Pocket Calculator0.050
Broken Shovel20Bronze Object0.22
Bug0.115Bullet Casings0.5512
Bunch of Rye Plants0.21Butcher's List0.20
Cage Key0.21Cake Tin0.10
Camping Stove0.21Car Battery512
Carburator1.13Childbirth Kit0.210
Claws Bracelet0.034Claws Necklace0.076
Coffee Beans0.2516Coin Cell Battery0.20
Compressor Wheel0.22Computer Keyboard0.40
Cooking Pot0.52Copper Wire0.111
Cotton Jacket0.20Cow Skin108
Crank0.21Dead Donkey0.210
Deer Skin109Deserter's Diary0.251
Disposable Syringes0.21Distributor0.20
Drug Canister0.22Duct Tape0.061
Ear Device0.22Ear Device0.22
Ear Device0.22Electric Kettle0.30
Empty Bottle0.31Empty Bottle of Todd's Special Booze0.22
Empty Bowl0.20Fan0.21
Flat Spring0.20Flute0.34
Fuse0.23Game Joy0.251
Garlic Press0.10Gasket0.012
Gasoline Canister10/520Generator Control Unit210
Glow Plug0.051Grains0.12
Graphics Card0.10Guitar0.325
Gun Powder0.23Hack Saw0.42
Hair Dryer0.50Hair Spray0.25
Hairstyle Magazine0.110Hand of Playing Cards0.21
Hole Punch0.10Horse Skin1010
Hyena Claws0.015Hyena Pelt64
Hyena Teeth0.015Improvised Picklock Set0.13
Iron Bar22Iron Plates3.81
Kerosene Canister0.220Laser Pointer0.053
Lead Pipe0.21Letter0.22
Light Bulb22Lighter0.035
Long Axe0.34Long Leather Strap0.743
Long Leather String0.31Long Nails0.22
Magnetic Key0.22Mailbox40
Map0.051Mini Memory Stick0.24
Mountain Tiger Meat0.220Muffler11.212
Multiple Socket0.10Nano Robot Surgical Unit0.212
Nano Robot Surgical Unit0.212Necklace0.0330
Ointment Jar0.20Opened Book0.21
Pan0.35Pan with Meat0.22
Pen0.20Picklocks Set0.460
Pig Skin155Pitcher0.21
Plan of Action0.031Plant Shears0.152
Plastic Bowl0.020Playing Card0.20
Pliers0.213Plix Compensator21
Pot on a Bar0.22Power Drill0.751
Rat Fur Jacket275Rat Meat0.41
Ratskull's Diary0.29Red Bowl0.20
Red Shard0.10Reel of Steel Wire3.42
Remote Fuse0.2535Repaired Chain0.22
Repaired Ghetto Blaster27Ring0.0110
Rivets0.31Rolled Up Message0.20
Salt Acid0.211Saltpetre0.52
Sand Binder Bucket0.20Saw0.20
Sean's Diary0.21Sean's Notes0.0250
Sean's Notes0.060Secret Documents0.135
Shados's Document0.22Short Leather String0.011
Short Nails0.11Shovel0.23
Silencer0.055Silver Object0.22
Skeleton's Diary0.22Sledge Hammer1010
Small Bag0.20Small Belt0.22
Small Picture Frame0.050Small Sand Bucket0.10
Small Sand Shovel0.10Small Stool1.51
Smoke Bomb12Soap0.051
Solar Cells0.125Spade0.31
Spade0.30Special Picklock0.245
Spit0.22Spit with Meat0.22
Staple Gun0.150Steel Plates3.72
Steel Tube0.651Stethoscope0.24
Strategy Maps0.415Sugar0.12
Suntan Lotion0.25Tail Rotor2045
Tattered Note0.0251Teddy Bear0.34
Teeth + Claws Bracelet0.48Teeth + Claws Necklace0.112
Teeth Bracelet0.023Teeth Necklace0.055
Tent Canvas410Theodolit0.225
Tiger Claws0.015Tiger Skin725
Tiger Teeth0.015Time Fuse0.225
Tin Can0.72Tizoc's Diary0.22
Toxicology Book0.210Transformer6.219
Trash Can1.50Valium0.20
Vaseline Bucket0.21Walkie-Talkie0.215
Wanted Posters0.030Warg Head325
Water Bowl0.20Water Canister0.225
Water Detector0.150Watering Can10
Wheel0.21Whiskey Barrel3100
White Cloths0.20White Rag0.22
Wild Dog Claws0.015Wild Dog Pelt44
Wild Dog Teeth0.015Windshield86
Wire Whisk0.10Wolf Claws0.015
Wolf Pelt56Wolf Teeth0.015
Wooden Board0.41Writing Pad0.20
Written Document0.22Written Document0.22
Written Document0.22
* Only for Derfflinger's mod installed
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