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11.07.2018 10:30 Guest
Greetings from Slovakia :) Nice Gaia site!
03.05.2013 12:49 heruvimus1914
for sure. A motorcycle can revive? because he like and with animation, and Mr. prizedent on it goes. how can it be anything to add to the transport, so you can ride it?
07.04.2013 12:28 heruvimus1914
sorry. byloby a very bad with a Humvee convoy hijack ... eh.
06.04.2013 04:08 zsrg
Hummers in location "Convoy" is a conventional interior objects, not more. Ride they will fail
06.04.2013 01:52 heruvimus1914
The fact that they have a script in a file vihaysles prescribe, it is clear, but there simply hamvik skopipastit, and needs to be fixed, but what next?
06.04.2013 01:50 heruvimus1914
Unknown, thanks. If I had not your bug, not for the world yab nedogadalsya not understand how to place equipment on location. So that being said, yes nebylo Happiness neschaste helped.
06.04.2013 01:48 heruvimus1914
Hello. There is now a question, and whether to drive Hummers to the location "Convoy"? Principle be? If so, where and what they need to register, so they pokatatsya?
06.04.2013 06:22 Unknown
The problem with Hammer have arisen because of the following circumstances: ...

Nevertheless, I will add in a container (previously empty) items. The fact that some objects determinant, eg "THE FALL_BUILDING_3866", the other (from the XML archive file of each zone), for example, "ZONE_1_BUILDING_8219". But in the first case for the team objects.create_item_in_inventory necessary to prescribe a full second only BUILDING_8219 ... and it works (at least, what I was doing) ...

And in the third zone (village Bowie - the one with Hammer), I created a barrel in lying bottle with alcohol. Only because of glitches with the car and were (quite strange in my opinion) ... removed only this line and all further works steadily.
06.04.2013 03:33 heruvimus1914
Another little personal discovery. It is possible to place any vehicles in any lokatsii.Papka zones / zona (any) / zona (any) PY
def initHerbs ():
But under it, after what will be inserted under this
system.create_object ('SET_HUMVEE', 345.58, 760.64, id = 'HUMVEE_Z1', direction = 45)
 objects.set_attribute ('HUMVEE_Z1', 'accepted_drivers', ['UISPIELER'])
and get a hammer. z1 necessarily just one, maybe two, and 4 and 5 (not 3, 3 is already in the game) and the coordinates for the next fix, too, to what will be the first under the def initHerbs ():. Thanks again to all.
04.04.2013 12:58 heruvimus1914
Yes storage gear is so nice bonus, just like me two Hamer, do not know why, it was too good he is in the game, compared to all ostolnom modes in the game. That finally got, and what any park equipment available and not just Hummers, it's a good thing, can anyone heltank like, or buggy, and he wants no one but a few, but it now appears that you can at least each team member on the personal auto or armor write. Just a pleasant fact, and not any commands you need not, skopipastit
system.create_object ('SET_HUMVEE', 345.58, 760.64, id = 'HUMVEE_Z3', direction = 45)
objects.set_attribute ('HUMVEE_Z3', 'accepted_drivers', ['UISPIELER'])

ah di changed from z3 for z as needed, 4, 5, and so much equipment was going to put, if you do not want Hamer vstavlyaesh example, WHEELTANK, and Aidi also menyaesh on WHEELTANK_z4 or five, or as needed sohranyaesh, zahodish first on location, and voila, a lot of armor, and no one near. Nice, what can I say. Thank you for the person with the problem occurred Hamer, but then so would never incognito that maybe two or three, and all you want Hamer bungle.
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