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BrainRipper, answer to: FloatWave
Click mouse wheel (middle-click) on each of the three images on the left.

2. File in the folder scripts/globaltext/czech, which appears after you install my patch.
I recommend you to edit Notepad++ or AkelPad.
FloatWave, answer to: BrainRipper
OK, thank you and how do I get a "Big Bag" ?
And would you want to add my typos fix into your czech DF patch?
BrainRipper, answer to: FloatWave
1. Great bag even with the patch DF is not in the game. You can get it through the console by pressing F11 and entering the following command:

Notice that bags and backpacks break the game balance, because actually they have no limit on the total weight of the contents. For example, in a small backpack you can put 50 packs of cartridges.

2. You can, of course. Provide your own version
FloatWave, answer to: BrainRipper
Czech Readme.txt for DF, czech for DF, fixed here:
BrainRipper, answer to: FloatWave
For some reason, you edited the original file whereas I had a file from my patch.

I also had to correct the description of the talent "Quick reload" and the tooltip description for "Agility".
BrainRipper, answer to: BrainRipper
Automatic translation in the message above is incorrect. I was referring to "Dexterity".
Guest, answer to: FloatWave
Hello gentlemen!
Our office is more than 10 years repair and maintenance of office equipment in the city of Minsk.Main directions and types of our activities:
08.09.2017 11:08 FloatWave
In DF mod, how do you get items to create backpack?
And how could I make mod/patch fixing some typos in czech version? I found with texts and fixed them how do I make it into a installable patch?
01.09.2017 09:46 FloatWave
Ok I tried to install DF again. I unziped folders (data,gui,scripts,zones) into game's installation directory and created there folders speech_czechglobalsmpexamine.
To that location (C:Program FilesThe Fall - Last Days of Gaiaspeech_czechglobalsmpexamine) I copied 10 .ogg files as written on the list and renamed them accordingly.
But game can't launch, "E_FAIL: An undetermined error occurred"
BrainRipper, answer to: FloatWave
Understand why, but at the same time I found another error.

1. Delete the scripts folder, which you extracted from the previous version of the adapted Derfflinger.

2. Download the new version and unpack the archive again. The proposal to replace files, answer "Yes."

The new version of Derfflinger patch/mod 7.4 (with corrections from BrainRipper and half-integer), adapted to:

Czech version

the Polish version
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