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05.03.2010 09:57 Guest
How to open a village Bowie? I can not understand what a mission to perform, or who to ask about it.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
In New Sefford David (pozkatat on the map) requests to save his daughter Sarah (pozkatat on the map) . Then he tells about the armory in the village of Bowie
02.03.2010 12:48 Guest
But all the settings are stored in a file sohoaneniya there too nada change it
02.03.2010 12:41 Guest
Tank gets very simple - nada pass mission to sit in the tank and move to another location - it is already back up. The trunk is objects.set_attribute (object u003d u0026#39;SET_PICKUP2 u0026#39;, attribute u003d u0026quot;inventory_slots u0026quot;, value u003d 0) in the file scripts itemdata
25.02.2010 12:26 Guest
I have a technical question: The Fall v1.10 + Derfflinger 7.4. Developers dovalili in 1.10 racks in all cars and fashion in one of them (in the location Spiritsprings) it is blocked. Please tell me how to fix it unless you are very hard to do. And a small question of how to get to the surface of the tank Vesseltaun. Thanks in advance.
19.02.2010 09:02 Guest
Iu0026#39;ll be brief - thanks!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
26.12.2009 02:28 Guest
Looking for someone can have a patch (mod) for the game on the network. Theoretically it is possible to implement, as there is a dynamic addition of NPC At least the exchange of data between the client (sync) - the game has potential if you make a network, we can even online. Theme of the game Kull!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Theoretically, of course possible to do online. But for this one mode is not enough. Need a network protocol, to write server and client side. And it's not as easy as it seems. No wonder many games come out without a network mode, although it was initially claimed by the announcement of the game. At the same enthusiasm here is not to leave. Need a commercial approach.
27.11.2009 07:53 Guest
Prior to the game developers have promised some things that I do not find in the game. I am sure that the site author has studied the game more thoroughly, and had the opportunity to delve into its resources. Therefore interested in the presence or absence of such opportunities in the game: 1. Hotels and opportunity to relax them, rather than outdoors. 2. Questing party characters are any conflicts beyond the skirmish in the first half of the game. The presence of some dialogues but starting. 3. After the final game promised, "You even encounter new enemies, quests, characters and secrets, and the game itself will become more difficult!". Is there anything similar? That's it. The first two questions rather rhetorical, since I do not see where from me could hide similar items. And after the final game seriously studied and it is actually the main issue - whether it is possible to find something new after you complete the storyline? Thank you. PS Somehow the game very much.
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