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For drug-based shuttle pickup, making a stop near the base. There lives a prostitute. The machine is left unattended at this time have put a bug in the car. When a pickup truck drive up to the gate you will hear a password. Then you can go safely to the gate, say the password and go. Murder on the base can with impunity, if no one hears and sees what you do. And the corpses do not be surprised. I made
23.07.2009 12:28 Guest
Thank you. Especially help u0026quot;a combination of things u0026quot; - this is really true in this game, these things hemorrhoids. Develop website
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Thank you! With the development of more complex, there is neither time nor opportunity. All the forces go to work and the younger son. If there were people willing to do the development site, I would help all I can.
13.07.2009 01:06 Guest
Greetings! On behalf of all those who care about the RPG genre in general, and this game in particular, I want to thank the author for database and wish you success, both in work and in life! Going through this or that game, not once took up her "aggregation", ie tried to sketch out for themselves "knowledge base" in this world, so as not to miss the details. Therefore, if the author would be help like-minded interest in working on this or that game design - I will be glad to devote all his spare time (information gathering and systematization, branching story, etc.) Once again, good luck in everything!
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Thanks for the suggestions! :) I would note only that all information on this site was obtained by me from the game analysis scripts and game resources programmatically. There are drawbacks in terms of quests, it is very difficult to pull out of the scripts programmatically, one way or another will have to do everything manually. But this work only on the enthusiasm and no profits does not work. If there is a desire to engage in further development of this website (content), please, I'll help as I can. Give access to edit data, modified scripts, etc. If you have any ideas on the development of new sites and participate in their development, as well considered. In general, if you have any suggestions, please write to email . After a 2-year and after the development of this site, many want to change and modify. But does it make sense to do that, if the number of playing in this game is huge ...
09.07.2009 02:43 Guest
Who knows whether the continuation of the gameu0026#39;s plot? atoms play something interesting and funny)) I just nenravitsya do the same muffler on the Colt M16 nelepittsa (
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Sequel was planned, called The Fall: Mutant City, but the project is frozen for a long time. So continue until expected. As for M16, the game silencer can be put only on pistols and submachine guns. On the other hand, nothing prevents you to make modifications and add the ability to establish silencing at least for all types of weapons:)
05.07.2009 01:44 Guest
In the guest book mentions patch 1.11, if I remember correctly the latest patch 1.10? After installing the patch from Derfflinger-a, which all recommend disappeared half descriptions of weapons and armor protection. This is a bug or ideau0026#39;s patch?
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About the patch will not say anything, do not come across - I confess. With regard to mode of deflingera like there was no such problem, but I put the year as two years ago:)
23.06.2009 01:52 Guest
how to get the job u0026quot;Missing escort u0026quot;
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