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Guest, answer to: Guest
I didn't realize it
27.05.2020 05:38 Guest
Thanks to the creators.
13.05.2020 05:07 FloatWave
For those, who don't know. Our community actually has a Discord dedicated to The Fall: Last Days of Gaia:
Feel free to join!

Also I have a "The Fall music playlist" when I have mood for Darkseed. It has my favorite songs fitting The Fall. Link:
27.04.2020 06:51 Guest
Thank you all, solved the issue free camera, use the command:
import debug debug.cheat("freecamera")
FloatWave, answer to: Guest
That's awesome. I also needed that. Please, how do you control the camera once it's activated?
27.04.2020 03:23 Guest
Hi all, as it abandoned this game because of surveillance cameras, tell me which script is responsible for it and script it ? The editor freely behaving how to set it up for the game ?
25.04.2020 03:22 Guest
Hi, I know this will sound strange, but I'm a small youtuber going by Salokin, I review old janky PC games that I quite like.

The Fall is a really cool game that I want to being more attention to, and this blog was crucial in allowing me to enjoy it more.

Is it ok with y'all and Sergey that I link to this blog?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Yes, I can post the link.
FloatWave, answer to: Guest
Salokin's video is great. Check it out guys!
Guest, answer to: FloatWave
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