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BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
In the Village of Fredo - SIG SG-552, and Casa Verde - the Famas and the AK-47 and another SIG SG-552 at miles. Already 4 heavy trunk, which is better than the M4A1. And not to mention the weapons, which with high probability will occur when you upgrade your assortment from merchants in the previous locations.
Unknown, answer to: BrainRipper
For AK-47 unjustly little ammo in the game.

Then the question is even more acute, need all the characteristics of all the weapons recycle. Wrong that gun better rifles or even assault rifles (as I understand it, for Your M4A1 - a completely useless weapon?)
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
I would not say that is not enough. Among the trophies, Yes, rarely, but traders above the roof (28 packs).
Moreover, due to the low accuracy of the AK-47 is only good for the first half of the game, already in Copperhill to get rid of him.

If the skills light and heavy weapons are equally developed, in the beginning of the game is the M4A1 better to choose Ultrasound LCC or Remington.
But Butch, Ivan or Victor it is better to give the M4A1.
11.06.2017 08:31 Guest
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05.06.2017 01:44 BrainRipper
The skill stealth is responsible for silent movement, but does not, by itself, reduces the visual prominence of the mercenary. Mercenaries with stealth 10 and 99 enemies notice with the same distance.
In order to be less visible, you must move on half squat or on all fours. On the half squat, the range of detection of a mercenary is changed to 0.8 times, while crawling 0.6 times. And this again does not depend on the value of the stealth skill.
In secrecy, of course, there are talents that reduce visual visibility ("disguise, camouflage", "group masking"), but they are much less efficient than talent "masking" in the sniper weapons.

Thus, stealth is only needed melee to silently creep up to the enemy from behind, and the thrower or an assassin who uses a submachine gun with a silencer for quiet kills, you must download sniper to 75 to take the talent of "masking."
BrainRipper, answer to: BrainRipper
The detection distance of enemies standing/moving in full growth mercenary:
day - 50 metres;
morning and evening - 35 meters;
night - 25 meters.
04.06.2017 08:30 Unknown
Now all podplavlenie small don't remember... so many years already the game. And about those seekers, I mentioned in the last post of the previous topic... I think that honestly deserve the right to buy the new cartridges in the hard fought battles well armed and numerous enemy, and not just facilitate a game.
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
Damn, do not write back. And how do You tweak your messages here on the site? Or it seems to me that You have them correct?
Unknown, answer to: Unknown
Phew, I guess I already zadolbali. Goodbye. We will continue to argue another time.
BrainRipper, answer to: Unknown
No, posts here are not edited, sorry.

Have you ever passed the game on "very hard" without snipers with headshots? Have enough ammunition?
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