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27.11.2012 01:12 DENchik
I read somewhere that you can pull in Vesseltaune tank bottom location, but how to do it is not found. Someone tell me?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: DENchik
As I recall, these problems were not. Just sit in the tank and switched to another location via the global map. If not active, it is not all the jobs done easily.
24.11.2012 06:16 Guest
Thanks for your help! I hope i succeed to learn everything to mod this great game. Ohh, and its a great site, great work :) if anyway i can help you just write me
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Glad to help! And thanks for the review of the website!
23.11.2012 03:35 Guest
Hi! Anyone know where i can get diff3d converter? I have one in my game directorie but it not starts(116.0kb). Or anyone know how i can add new objects to the game without that? Thanks for answers.
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
Hello. I have the same problem with this too. Its opens in dos window after that immediatly closing down. Its not working on xp sp2 or why not working? Ohh, and one more question. Soldiers of Anarchy using the same files, can i use the diff3d files from there (ex. for new tanks, large building, etc), have you ever tried?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
The program is OK, it just runs in the console (press the keyboard Win + R and type cmd, go to the directory where the program is located and run the command: converttodiff3d.exe /?). And yes, the program of the game and the Soldiers of Anarchy suited to this game. Game developers are one and the same company, and the file format is similar.
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
Thank you for the answers! The program starts but i cant figure it out how it works. Can you help me pls to understand the basics, i really want to learn and to mod this game somehow. When i `m starting the program in command prompt, i see the program version and the copyright stuff by sebastian tusk and nothing more. i hope i wont bother you too much with my newbie question but i could use some help.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Here is the syntax of the program:

ConvertToDiff3D.exe [inputfiles] [-o outputfile] [-h] [-maop] [-obj objects]

-o outputfile -> specifies the outputfile
-h -> outputs a short description
-ma filename -> use file for mesh anim operations (like vertex move)
-maop -> in mesh animations output only positions of vertices (this can save a lot of disk space)
-obj objects -> convert specified objects (this includes subobjects), not specified

inputfiles -> filename [inputfiles]
outputfile -> filename
filename -> / / a file name; if the file name contains space characters the file name must be enclosed in quotations marks
objects -> objectname [objects]
objectname -> / / an object name; if the object name contains space characters the object name must be enclosed in quotations marks


ConvertToDiff3D.exe inputA inputB.ase-o output
compiles "inputA" or "inputA.ase" to "output01.diff3D"
compiles "inputB.ase" to "output02.diff3D"

ConvertToDiff3D.exe "file with spaces.ase"
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