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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
But not for that, in doing your own pleasure
31.10.2011 06:20 Guest
Thank you for your site:) all that interested in everything found. My question is: Is now under way which may be modified / recycling games / quests? PS thanks again for the site.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Glad you liked the site. Unfortunately, as far as I know, no modifications are not involved in the game. Here on the site trying to gather a group of people to design modifications and quests, even discussed the continuation of the quest about the convoy, but it does not end. All gone, and all died before it began.
22.10.2011 06:23 Guest
I have a licensed version of the game, but it does not get in Windows 7, even when emulating compatibility with Win XP. May suggest how to solve this problem?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Unfortunately, do not tell, because they do not try to put on the 7-ku. Try to run the game as an administrator, although the most likely problem with video as well as in compatibility mode for Win XP, must go.
02.10.2011 01:09 SandAdept
The game may be outdated and in visual terms, but the competition is not so much in the direction of postapokalipsisa (RPG in the implementation of at least).
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: SandAdept
I completely agree, unfortunately, many important visual part. the same whom the visual part is not more important than the filling, they continue to play Fallout. In the same game are not so many fans, that's very strange. I created a website inspired by the game in 2006-2007, but I see so far (to your taste), this game rivals even close.
28.09.2011 12:37 Ogonek
Chic site. Simply amazing - everything is painted with a bang, very detailed, much helped me a lot. ps Good to spam, the parasites!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Ogonek
Thanks for the tip! The development site is directly dependent on its popularity. but since the game already is outdated, its fans are less and less. So the fate of the site sealed, unfortunately: (
05.09.2011 10:02 Guest
The game should be totally rebalanced AND SHOULD NOT LIE!!!
When it says something does 30-40 points of damage it should do 30-40 points of damage, not 150-200. When the game says the shotgun penetrates 6 points of armor it should not penetrate 46 points of armor.
What is needed is an adjustment of the level and the equipment of the enemies. For example in Copper Hill I am on lvl 8. So at "normal" the enemeis should be lvl 8-10; but on very hard they should be lvl 15-16 armed and armored correspondingly. Of course this will require reworking of the loot system. Now every dead has his weapon and ammo. The drop system should be made somewhat random (and relevant to the supposed protagonist lvl) like it is now with the loot after the seekers attack during a rest. This will make investing in trade/speech worthy too - now you have much more drop that is needed.
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