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03.04.2010 10:18 Guest
about the laces do not know, but about alcohol getting somewhere .... saw the forum on kakomto ..
03.04.2010 10:16 Guest
Penlight batteries, I did code on objects - the system is obtained by the implant gives +2 Intellect ... but on the other characteristics there is a thread? Yes there is need, u0026quot;pill u0026quot; ... I think if you ask for it you can find a vendor ...
03.04.2010 08:49 Guest
By the way, where to get the penlight batteries for the brain implant? and then the usual battery does not fit.
03.04.2010 04:38 Guest
This is what I wanted to ask how long do leather laces and short? in a fashion seen such a combination for the purification of alcohol: Lake + rags + activated charcoal + tin + alcohol drink (whiskey or moonshine), and in the future, this purified alcohol used to produce laces: Purified alcohol + knife + skin a wolf or a tiger = a long leather strap . The fact that I play with the latest mod to the game, 7.4 seems to be there from merchants in general there is no brew no laces or bag (1 time was and all). the above combinations have not yet tried, I ask your opinion, it's true that you can do pure alcohol and laces, or rut?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I have already mentioned on the front page that the site on game systems without modifications. Therefore, I do not have information on such modifications. Here's an excerpt and information on the patch Deflinger'a: knife + [bearskin, horse-hide, cowhide] + bottle of liquor = long leather strap knife + [deerskin, buffalo hide, pig skin] + a bottle of alcohol = a long leather strap knife + [tiger skin, Wolfskin] + a bottle of alcohol = a long leather strap knife + [skin hyenas, wild dogs skin] + bottle of liquor = long leather lace long leather strap + knife = short leather strap Carefully read the instructions to installing modifications! :)
02.04.2010 05:25 Guest
Maybe you need assistance conditional? as a programmer Iu0026#39;m not very good, but the theory can help))))
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
What kind of help do you offer me? :)
02.04.2010 05:02 Guest
and even write how to get cartridges to realganu. and how to put the car, say hammer next to a fighter?
02.04.2010 04:51 Guest
Where to find a shotgun and hammer kvadrohammer and where to find the AK74?
08.03.2010 05:03 Guest
Establish whether Retribution 2.5 mod for The Fall v1.10 + Derfflinger 7.4? When you start getting out error u0026quot;E_FAIL: An undetermined error occurred u0026quot;.
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