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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thanks, glad that the site is still useful to someone:)
18.09.2008 04:28 Guest
Author! An excellent site! Go on! I have a problem. During the game, the right-hand side of the caviar is konkretnay alignment: u0026quot;Masking is enabled, Masking off u0026quot;. This is impeding the review. (((Who knows how to get rid of these explanations? Tell pliz.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
At vskidku not prompt, just do not remember, long ago it did not play.
28.08.2008 05:24 Guest
Passed solo norme.Voznik vovpros: who gives a tip to the location u0026quot;Ruined Village u0026quot;? By the way hammer is in the location u0026quot;Village Bowie u0026quot; left of the village. PSavtoru Respect for the site!
22.08.2008 10:39 Guest
Since the last pachem all passed - a quest filled up the current. And there are patches dobavdyayusche other locations that are not in the off version? If there is a link please let.
12.07.2008 07:56 Guest
Many thanks to the author for the site! It was a miracle!
02.07.2008 06:09 Guest
Here you have many people ask. Please answer the task u0026quot;escort u0026quot; is a joke or not. And it seems to me that there is.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Quest u0026quot;escort, itu0026#39;s funny. The scripts game no ending for this job, this is 100% fact:) Iu0026#39;m not sure, but seems to be one of the mods to the game, whether Munbira, whether Deflingera, add the ending to this job . But itu0026#39;s not reliable information. In those supplements that I have, the job has no ending
20.06.2008 08:12 Guest
Here are some infa Transport: 1. Hummer (6 persons), New Sefford, right from the port. 2. Pickup (6 persons), 1), Casa Verde, narkotseh 2) Spiritsprings, base retskulov 3. BMP (6 persons), Vesseltaun at the bottom of the descent after a crane on the left. 4. Buggy (6 persons), Base of the shadows, at the very base.
20.06.2008 10:42 Guest
Many thanks to the author for the site! Question - is it possible to make a standalone version of the database, you can download and use on a machine without Internet access? (At the time of the toy JaggedAliance2 created a standalone virtual map)
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