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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: DENchik
Honestly - I do not remember such a moment. I passed the whole game and one character-based shadow has not received any letters from Aaron.
06.12.2012 10:47 DENchik
How frequently updated assortment? I bought Sue that I need ammo, and two cans of gasoline, they will have it some day?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: DENchik
Update time without patch Derflinger'a - 60 hours of playing time, with the patch - it depends on the complexity of the game:
Very easy - 42 Easy - 48 Normal - 54 Hard - 60, very hard - 66

In addition, there is a "bonus" on the range, if you come to the dealer much later than the updated range.
DENchik, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
Updated only a little, add a couple of things - right?

What is the bonus?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: DENchik
The update process is very simple range, at some rate increases the price of goods, which was already at the dealer and is looking for a new product at this price. Randomly selected item from the found and placed in the range of merchant. The longer you come to the dealer, the higher range. I read about the bonus in patch Derflinger'a, but it manifests itself - I do not know. In addition, I am for all the games only twice bought ammunition from a dealer, as the lack of trophy stock.
Unknown, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
At the maximum of the game by the end of the cartridges runs out. Similar issues arise already 12 pages ago ... I replied as follows: "4. Yes, post-apocalyptic world in the production of ammunition on a commercial scale is difficult. As soon as I visit a new territory, trying to buy up all the ammunition available to the trader (if it is present in the area). second visit locations ( take between 100-200 hours) cartridges again abound, and try to buy them all. During the next visit already assortimet is very poor and there is not enough ammunition. " It is my own observation, scripts will not confirm.
As for the bonus, too, have their own observation. Each trader is always a pricey item. Naturally, the next area on the plot, the more valuable item. For example, in the village of Bowie trader always appears item worth 80-70. If you buy it, you will have a new, etc. It is possible that it only appears when the previous transaction merchant promised a bonus, I do not know (I always challenge the transaction only if the promises). In some versions of the game asortimen merchant generated when accessing locations, in others the time of activation conversation with the merchant. Thus it is possible even in the village to save before Bowie dealer to sort range until something good for myself, I can not see. Personally, I am in Bowie on a pair of gloves and helmets M46 get this way, and more and do not - will find further on chests or other merchants buy into it.
06.12.2012 08:03 DENchik
Sergey, how can prescribe traders bags and belts?

I have not received a letter to confirm the mail ...
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: DENchik
Confirmation is not it, because it is wrong to have an email address: instead of "" was written "".

As for the dealers, add just enough for it to register in the zone file or the following command:

objects.create_item_in_inventory("SEBASTIAN",["SET_SMALL_BAG", "SET_BIG_BAG", "SET_BELT", "SET_LONG_LEATHER_STRING"])


"SEBASTIAN" - the name of the merchant
"SET_SMALL_BAG" - a small bag
SET_BIG_BAG"- a large bag
"SET_BELT" - Time
"SET_LONG_LEATHER_STRING" - a long leather strap
DENchik, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
This is for the new game?
If so, how to save to do?
06.12.2012 12:36 DENchik
In orange pickup truck rack 36 slots, and the blue 24 is displayed, and you can not lay down ... (This can somehow fix the configs and where, if so?
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