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31.07.2012 11:30 Unknown
Thank you, I have already passed through the texture, just do not think that everything is so stupid ... thought climbeth over the fence or gate is necessary.
31.07.2012 10:22 Guest
In the President's House can be reached only through the texture of the fence (if you look at the house, with a side of the left guard and gate)
30.07.2012 03:08 Unknown
In spiritsprings box to the field near the entrance to the base of the Phoenix can not get (like he was in the tower)? ... it shuriken, bludgeon, and subsonic 9mm ammo (judging from the global map).
27.07.2012 06:22 Unknown
Something I did not get into the house of President of the described method:

"30.06.2012 07:47 Cepblu
To enter the house of the President to wait when one of the guards will leave the gate (left guard when facing the gate).
 Then the left side of the gate will remain unattended and your character is free to slip through the cell gate array)). "

Does anyone happen? ... I waited for game day under the fence, constantly checking the possibility to get into the yard.
25.07.2012 03:38 Unknown
I quote myself: "... about a month ago I downloaded from torrents ... it seems from this , well, or it may be here (less likely) ... "

But in general ... Au from anywhere, dark-tmuschaya torrents. Here on this site lately downloading 3A + Last + Days + of + Gaia & sfSbm.x = 31 & sfSbm.y = 27 all sorts of different games ... no problem. The Fall: Last Days of Gaia is not downloaded from there (since there is), but surely there normal stable version will be found.
24.07.2012 08:31 sashok
Hello I want to have registered to play in this game but no place to properly download can not tell me where to download
19.07.2012 06:02 Turungait
Good time!
Is there a way to increase the resolution of the game
1920 x 1080?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Turungait
Do not even show you my entire 1280x1024 screen, so even a check and experiment can not
13.07.2012 03:50 Unknown
The game is the subject of ...

Type: Gasoline Bomb
Name: Anonymous
Weight: 0.98 kg
Type `Thrown Weapons
Damage from / to = 150/200
Break = 90
Firing range is very far away (52.0/62.4)
Accuracy (Osn.rezh.) $? 0.0/0.0
Getting used to the weapon Inconvenient Weapon
Condition 102%
The cost of two

What to do? ... how to use the can?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
The idea is like a regular grenade. But apparently it is from the category of defects, like mine.
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