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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Glad to help! I myself was in Beijing three weeks ago with friends. A beautiful city and country! Glad to meet you!
24.05.2012 05:28 Guest
" Mike Ballins" to this place, how to go? Who knows to tell me, I will be very grateful to you!!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Hello! I already wrote about it again - in New Sefford, it was necessary, in conversation with Tiberius (the type with a time machine), select the phrase: "Quite frankly, this is pure madness! ", Then he and cosmonaut talk about living in the capsule in the location "Mike Bellinz ". In most locations there is nothing interesting. (This is a translation of Google, is actually a phrase in English might sound a bit different!)
24.05.2012 04:26 Unknown
Oh, and as yet understood this time "10 * 60 * 1000.0 "? ... it is generally much? ... please tell me =)
24.05.2012 04:22 Unknown
If comfort, it can be robbed of his miserable corpse. But at the very end of the game, it makes no sense, since there is no continuation, and enemies no longer.

Further, the issue probably only for Sergey A.Zhukov 'a - very knowledgeable. Logically it would even be an endless appearance of new hunters in the Labyrinth and the Desert Monks in their territory. If the array

# # # SPAWN Animals # # #
data (). SpawnAnimalsSpawned = False
data (). SpawnAnimals = [ "WOLF_1 ", "WOLF_2 ", "WOLF_3 ", "WOLF_4 ", "WILDHUND_1 ", "WILDHUND_2 ", "WILDHUND_3 "]
data (). Timer_SpawnTimeChecker = 666
data (). Timervalue_SpawnTimeChecker = 10 * 60 * 1000.0 * hour_real_to_game

write npc this will work? ... or how to make them appear again so you can still wander through the game after the end of the story?
24.05.2012 03:55 Guest
Sorry, bad read - it is obvious that "only in dialogue " and "evaporates " means that more opportunities will not steal - the question was withdrawn.
Thank you again.
24.05.2012 03:47 Guest
Thank you, but what about the one-same whether it is the president of a game object? (Or is it possible to steal more than once?) And whether there are further along with him his guards?
24.05.2012 02:32 Unknown
In version 1.9-M Russobit one trunk with Calico M900 completely empty ... and indeed several chests in this version does not correspond to the resource cards, some do not, as a weapon.

And with the president in a game five meetings:
1) After the penalty early in the game.
2) After obtaining a passport at the beginning of the game.
3) Next three times, he only appears in the dialog box, which simply 'evaporates ' from the location. For the first time after the showdown with Wesley.
4) On the basis of the Shadows in a very long video shoots in the dialogue-HS and went on a moped.
5) At the end of the game should be (as they say), or fill prisrelit villain face to death. But before this last point, I also could not get even a single time.
24.05.2012 12:55 Guest
Calico in another house, not prizidentskom - big in the chest, and not even locked.
24.05.2012 12:51 Guest
The president himself, after obtaining a passport, and dialogue, not sent to his home and goes completely off the map, so do not even know whether it is necessary to consider this house his home ..
Though I played a lot, but unfortunately did not go beyond the fifth card (all the time there were some reasons for the replay) and the connection with it I have a question: In the story by saying the president is supposed that it still can / will need to meet, but If he leaves, will he do in the game? and whether it is the same object, or the game will create the new president? Vsmysle whether it can be (and the protection that goes with it) had been robbed twice: first game and then. ?
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