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30.03.2012 09:45 Unknown
People who do not use the 'left ' games! Then, and not be such problems. In my Russobit M 1.9 everything works without glitches. The only thing that I remember - Ian Chase 'stuck ' in his sacrificial stone ... left, and location, back again, helped. Vchara shompur zakosyatsil - grilled meats, opened inventory shompur always remained impaled with meat (can not use it now) ... I had to wait just a second and it would be all right.

That's all, no more prpoblem in the game there!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
Keep. In most have never had any problems with the game. Now find the license with all the patches is easy.
30.03.2012 01:53 Guest
question for ...
the Casa Verdi, did all the quests except the basic, no pickup poddezhaet, slept on 10,5,7,23))) in all locations around the trailer. But once when he went to the Hammer of the huckster back to Laila in the middle of the road stood a pickup, I had obsledyval and appeared monologue about that at last I hear this beautiful Racyja a password again in the lowland poshol waiting (tired), sleep, nothing! went to the truck, he was no longer on the road and on the sidelines, waiting again went to sleep, and so a couple of times ... to no avail! Save to download old does not hunt because Pts Pts so far and all 6 complete bronikombinizonov CAWS-2 is a sniper rifle and 4, a pity to waste the good work flow))))
26.03.2012 08:06 Unknown
In the quest "Garden of Eden " Abraham still die on the script after the destruction of the attackers? ... or by some miracle can save and the quest will be fulfilled?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
Abraham is going to die anyway, save it does not work. But now Mickey and Sue save quite possible.
18.03.2012 06:19 Unknown
In Spiritsprings no type named Brandon and his three brothers from the infamous name "bully ". All of them can even shoot. Talk to none of them wants. Why are they there? ... associated with the mission of some sort? ... Does it make sense to kill them for the sake of paltry 240 exp? ... posledsviyam and what it will lead?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
These hooligans are associated with the quest that gives Humberto - the owner of the landfill. When making an agreement with him for permission to use the dump, to train police, we must try to convince him, using the rhetoric. If eloquence is not high, he will refuse, but offer a deal. It turns out that these hooligans molested his sister. He asks them to understand. If eloquence is too high, then he will agree and you miss the quest with bullies. If this had happened, and you did not kill Umberto, then bring up the console with the F11 key and type the command:

data (). MustafaAufforderung = 0

After that, talk to Umberto, a dialog appears about the landfill. Try to persuade him and get the quest about bullies, unless of course you do not have the eloquence too high and he does not agree :)
18.03.2012 02:41 Unknown
I do not know where to Derffligermod, but I Russobit-M 1.9 ... And this stuff lying around after the Searchers on the ground under their feet ALTER_EGO (it is the protagonist of the team). But half of the stuff I've already disabled - many thanks to the author of the site!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Unknown
Please :)
17.03.2012 08:47 Guest
After ubuystva seekers appears that the trophies are added, but the inventory did not appear. How to get good hunters? Set Derffligermod7.4ru
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