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25.01.2012 11:50 Vectum
It was a question mark postavit.V Fall forgot a zero balance the most powerful weapon is easy: shotguns, PP, and laser damage stvoly.U my sniper no privyshat 8 xp machine guns at worse 3.5 hr.Kak can configure more damage heavy weapons?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Vectum
I do not agree, however, change this by modifying the parameters you can:
schaden_organisch_min, schaden_organisch_max, schaden_struktur_min, schaden_struktur_max and durchschlag the file scripts itemdata in the directory with the game (after installing the mod). The parameters are set not for weapons, ammunition, and to indicate damage to the body armor and armor penetration (breakdown). At the very same weapon only change the sample, which supplements the same parameter for ammunition.
24.01.2012 08:27 SandAdept
Vectum, it is a question or suggestion? :) Actually Done sniper rifle is pretty good and well. What about guns is not sure, did not enjoy.
24.01.2012 07:13 Ergoliolgolissa
But Bowie's village, I would not like that - does not open.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Ergoliolgolissa
You had, after the release of Sarah in retskulov Camp , search the bodies and to find a note that mentions about the armory in the village of Bowie, then, when your hero reads the note, the location will be opened.
24.01.2012 07:08 Vectum
It is possible to configure more damage ammunition for machine guns and sniper rifles
24.01.2012 06:44 Ergoliolgolissa
Tell me please, can anyone encountered such a bug. After the release of Sarah in conversation with David, he just thanked me for having saved his daughter and all. The only place that I called - drug labs.
11.01.2012 05:14 SandAdept
What about the huge sub-zero values
11.01.2012 12:43 ALLCOM
Good afternoon. :)
Yesterday happened to notice that the value of armor for Gauntlet shows (minus!!) 213!
Play your build.
Saves to send?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: ALLCOM
We have no "our assembly ", the site only helps in the game, but does not offer the game! Modification, which is located on the site, just not ours. So anything you can not help you.
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