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Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thank you for your feedback about the site and glad to see:) Here is appeared willing to do additions to the game. Look down, it is possible that he would soon appear.
21.08.2011 02:25 Guest
Thank you for the invitation, but I'm just a user of iron, no more) And yet, otvette AMPs. my question, I think, because from 2005 should have done something good in this genre.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
These games do not come no one, unfortunately. In this genre of povyhodilo few, but I do not like: 7.62: Recharging Jazz: Employment Both games heiress cult Jagged Alliance, which I liked very much and I went through all the games in this series. There are a series of games Silent Storm Company of Nival and additions to it such as "Hammer and Sickle ". Not bad games made about the second world war with elements of fantasy. But all this is just the style of similar games, but completely different.
20.08.2011 09:41 DElf
08/20/2011 8:51 Guest join us - we will do for this mod))
20.08.2011 08:51 Guest
Zdravskvuyte, the game is very good. like, sorry, that all ends well. Could not give the game standing in the same style. Thanks in advance!
20.08.2011 06:29 Guest
Sergey, could you put a link to your version of the game because local knowledge base is a bit does not converge with my version of the game). torrent desirable.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Browse through the guest book, someone else has already spread. I have the game itself is long gone, only the scripts used to create the site.
20.08.2011 06:22 Guest
Zazhimaesh peretaskivaesh Ctrl and left mouse button
20.08.2011 12:59 Guest
As a dealer to share the goods? Do not buy a whole stack of the same helmet, for example.
18.08.2011 02:14 Guest
hi guys is there a bug at the ratskull weapon bunker coz it won't let me place it anywhere
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