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31.12.2011 07:06 Merc
Happy Sergei wish you happiness, health and long life to you and your site =)
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Merc
Thank you very much! Happy New Year!!
30.12.2011 09:57 Guest
the machine is a machine gun .. You can use them at all?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
No transport for the movement
30.12.2011 02:18 Guest
how to remove the evidence to create a map of drug labs ... ??
30.12.2011 11:30 Guest
I have the character trained on 100% open locks skill ... but it does not work with master keys .. what could it be?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Not all locks can be master keys to open, and those that can, and at 100% skill need not be opened immediately. Also important to the quality of the pick and its image.
29.12.2011 10:44 Guest
thanks for the response)
29.12.2011 10:12 Guest
Such "Soldiers of Anarchy " - Joint Task Force (, subject only to the other ...
29.12.2011 10:07 Guest
NPC - one of six men ...
Which version of the game ...? I earned a trunk only after installing the patch 1.10 and fashion Derfflinger ...
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