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16.08.2011 04:38 DElf
SoA took the whole and not only once))) This so sorry ... I now have it kosyachit as a highly ... Fall for fun mud is lighter vehicles - That's Hammer with a machine gun - is that these cards + available exterminable grenade. because the tank will break down very long.
16.08.2011 03:45 DElf
Although I would have asked for more unique items - such as brain implants of Defingera) there five characteristics have unspent))))
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: DElf
I advise you to watch the first game of this company - "Soldiers of Anarchy ". That's what it would be interesting to borrow, so this fighting vehicles such as tanks, helicopters. I really liked how they're implemented. Fighting in the battle against technology, and it would greatly enlivened the game. Obviously, this must be expanded and the location.
16.08.2011 03:43 DElf
Do not matter - such nashtampovat can:) Fast and a lot:)) And not only there but also the back - just need more characters))))
16.08.2011 02:12 SandAdept
Generally, I think that a good mod would be one that adds a small task. For example kakoyto transfer package between the regions, accompanied by a character, build to order an objectified objects, etc. Something similar is in play Ex Machina.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: SandAdept
Game and so is not particularly difficult to pass and experience sufficient for pumping unit. Increasing the number of side quests - only easier passage. If any changes need to think about the balance of the game, so it was not easy. The increasing complexity of the game - a good thing, within reason. Again, everything depends on the programmer.
15.08.2011 10:58 SandAdept
Sergei, I was browsing the section of Knowledge Base and noticed that the section of vehicles indicated a pickup. I think should be added on the second (expropriated from retskulov). If I remember correctly, it is "open " mod Derfflinger 'a pickup truck and both have a different amount of luggage.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: SandAdept
Yes, you're right, just forgot about it. Well, I might add. Thanks:)
15.08.2011 10:47 SandAdept
In addition the programmer will need a texture artist. But in general, is to start with relatively minor modifications. I like it strange that you can not install silencers and laser pointer to sniper rifles.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: SandAdept
At the initial stage, all depends on the programmer, without him I can only small things to fix / change. Regarding the scopes and silencers on sniper rifles - it would turn the balance of the game greatly. I think that these changes should be made with the change of the intellect of enemies, that they reacted to the corpses and shots. Otherwise, take off all of the sniper with a silencer, but they did not even react to dying comrades and close contact with you. :)
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