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22.08.2011 05:19 Guest
Thank you for the quick reply. I do have a german version of the game and tried installing Derfflinger mod but after that, the game crashes every time it is run. I am not quite a modder so I'm having difficulty modding for german version. Thanks again for the quick reply.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Not surprisingly, the game crashes. Mod changes the game resources, including the language files. The same version of the game differ in some files. Your version of the game is no CD-ROM? If yes, then you can place the installation of the game for download? I might try to finish the modification under your version of the game.
21.08.2011 04:23 Guest
Hi there. I really like "The Fall" and seeing as the original version lacks a bit of variety specially on the weapon combination, I came upon Derfflinger mod. There's just something that's bugging me as mine's german version. Is there a way to install derfflinger mod for german versions?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Unfortunately, the mod will not be able to install a German version of the game. If you prefer, you can make your modifications in the German version. I might try to do it, but I need the game itself is in German!
21.08.2011 03:19 Guest
Thank you, that have left my message with no response! Played in all, it was called, made the game truly worthy of here totally agree (and here would put the "Star Wolves ", which - in common can be traced). It's a pity that nothing new has happened, I will continue to monitor your site, the overall taste - a great deal))
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thank you for your feedback about the site and glad to see:) Here is appeared willing to do additions to the game. Look down, it is possible that he would soon appear.
21.08.2011 02:25 Guest
Thank you for the invitation, but I'm just a user of iron, no more) And yet, otvette AMPs. my question, I think, because from 2005 should have done something good in this genre.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
These games do not come no one, unfortunately. In this genre of povyhodilo few, but I do not like: 7.62: Recharging Jazz: Employment Both games heiress cult Jagged Alliance, which I liked very much and I went through all the games in this series. There are a series of games Silent Storm Company of Nival and additions to it such as "Hammer and Sickle ". Not bad games made about the second world war with elements of fantasy. But all this is just the style of similar games, but completely different.
20.08.2011 09:41 DElf
08/20/2011 8:51 Guest join us - we will do for this mod))
20.08.2011 08:51 Guest
Zdravskvuyte, the game is very good. like, sorry, that all ends well. Could not give the game standing in the same style. Thanks in advance!
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