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19.12.2011 03:12 SandAdept
Not that parody ... Rather, reluctance to bother. Translation of the world from an RPG adventure in the plane - in fact it is, rpg loses almost all its functionality, but does not get his adventure. Prior to the good old Full Throttle nedotyagivaet obviously))
18.12.2011 10:29 Guest
translation is already there. but clearly crude 20Fall% 20 -% 20Mutant% 20City% 20 -% 20RUS.rar.html
18.12.2011 07:10 Guest
Here is a link to a torrent
11.12.2011 10:48 SandAdept
With regard to Bloodpatch: Fashion swill german, or some distinct description I have not found it.
11.12.2011 10:40 SandAdept
If I remember correctly, the Freedom of modes lets you navigate to the places where they should be game locations. In this undiscovered location map are replaced with mobs (similar to sluchanuyu meeting). I do not remember - have not played
11.12.2011 12:08 Guest
XN, the question dogonku - still not too lazy, propikselhantil three locations, one found a paper map, which states that the use of Pr "Balinz even more insane than I am. Tiberius " O_o That's all. More, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong:)
10.12.2011 11:33 Guest
Comrades, who can tell, downloaded the game with the patch now and Freedom mod, decided to recall the past few years:) For a description of fridoma have not figured out how to search for new warlocks. Poking at all points in a row and a global map in a blank pikselhantit lokas, which are not very small size?? If so, then I will score them fuck, because such a perverted I do not have, and if something I did not catch up, then can someone point me to a thread will explain this fashion than random encounters:)
ZY The site is excellent, the database on this game is gorgeous, thanks for the work done.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Thank you for your feedback. As for the patch, can not help. Sam had never raised and never played with him. Can someone tell the visitors.
10.12.2011 05:51 Guest
Where can i find bloodpatch/mod in this game? I have ger1.10 with NMA translation and it´s good,but there is no mods left.I´d love to play Derfflinger mods with eng translation.It´s not gonna happen??(right?)Good site..Keep it going!
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Unfortunately, I have not experienced the mod bloodpatch. And thanks for the tip on the site!
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