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18.08.2011 02:14 Guest
hi guys is there a bug at the ratskull weapon bunker coz it won't let me place it anywhere
17.08.2011 05:08 SandAdept
Sergey, MB should be added to sort by columns in the knowledge base? Things are not so much, but it would be nice.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: SandAdept
Yes, I agree, you can add. Just as long as there is no time, work in bulk. PS Proposal - Create a blog topic, something like "What is in play, " or "Create a modification of the " etc. To the correspondence of the wishes and thoughts on the game are not lost in the guestbook.
17.08.2011 03:10 SandAdept
This is a grenade launcher for OICW. By the way would be good to add it to the database.
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: SandAdept
Thanks, will correct as soon as some free time.
17.08.2011 02:47 DElf
By the way, and armor-piercing 20mm rounds for what?
16.08.2011 05:20 SandAdept
The best solution would be to make the vehicle business unit (Ie disable the direct control of the keyboard). And the opportunity to use transport in this form to be available only in skirmishes during the transitions on the map. Ie a battle between vehicles, or mixed. It is useful to add the ability to move byloby several machines. And not to drive there and back SG to throw two cars from one location to another. As for the AI
Guest, answer to: SandAdept
"It is useful to add the ability to transition byloby several machines. And not to drive back and forth SG to throw 2 cars from one location to another."

Already implemented in 1.10.
16.08.2011 05:09 Strelok123
I agree with DEif easy technique Tipo Humvees with machine guns would be cool. You will be able to do quests Tipo, accompanied by a convoy from point A to point B. But along the way will be ambushes, land mines, etc. Just stop the peaceful settlement to repair and treat the wounded.
16.08.2011 04:38 DElf
SoA took the whole and not only once))) This so sorry ... I now have it kosyachit as a highly ... Fall for fun mud is lighter vehicles - That's Hammer with a machine gun - is that these cards + available exterminable grenade. because the tank will break down very long.
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