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03.09.2011 02:05 Guest
Can someone explain me what is the need of the "subsonic" and "duplex" ammo?
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
"subsonic" - below the range and damage, but the quieter sound of the shot. Used to create less noise.

"duplex" - below the range and accuracy, but higher damage. Used against armored targets.
Are created from standard cartridges with a file.
Guest, answer to: Sergey A. Zhukov
Do not duplex, and dum-dum. And shoot a mime stands contrary to unarmored targets like animals.
02.09.2011 08:10 Guest
Health! Here is a small manual on how to change the character portraits in the game:
31.08.2011 12:42 Guest
Sorry for the second post:-(
I am still on Vulture Gulch and have to reload at least 5-6 times on very hard.
Do the game becomes much more hard in the later locations?
31.08.2011 12:38 Guest
LOL... On *very hard* a single shot from Desert Eagle takes about 25 points of damage with 38 points of armor... At the same time direct C4 explosion takes less the half of the enemy health points and the my grenades are completely useless but the enemy grenades always do nearly 100 points of damage.
Does the game becomes much more harder lately?
30.08.2011 07:33 Guest
Wargs at 1 AM at the breeding labs?
Nothing shows there in the night. I kill the sectarians and free the girl but if I go after the "wiseman" the war quest become canceled.
Besides there are 8 cages and 2 bodies in them; I killed 5 wargs which means there is still 1 warg at large.
Spoil me please:-)
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
Werewolves only 5 . Not anymore.
29.08.2011 11:49 Guest
What I mean was both with 80% trade and 100% trade the sell prices are always about 120%; they never fall to the actual cost (besides bonuses).
BTW - is the trade script is the same as in Soldiers of anarchy then there is an exploit too - you can trade something very small and earn bonus to use in the next huge trade; as the trade script counts only the number of the trades.
So you can trade bullets worth 2 for bullets worth 1 and get a bonus for the next trade which is worth 1000 (for example)
Sergey A. Zhukov, answer to: Guest
I poorly versed in the language 'Pithon ', so I can not guarantee the loyalty of his words, I could understand from the scripts that I am writing. Indeed, when the transaction takes into account the result of a previous transaction, you are absolutely right.
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